In Orel appeared piranhas. Video. Photo


17.08.11.Oleg Makarov-avid rybak.No on Selikatny pond went fishing for the first time.

Pecked horosho.Lovilis karasi.No half an hour at the bait pecked here such instance. ((Interview with Oleg Makarov)) The fishermen and the people rested on the pond refused to believe their eyes and denied that the piranha fish.

Even avid fisherman, has seen in his lifetime many fish visited questioned the representative of the toothed fish ((interview Eugene Sox))

Specialized biologist Biocomplex head, said that this case is not the first in the history of the Oryol waters ((interview Arkady Mishanov))

Black Piranha is one of the most dangerous species of the subfamily piranevyh.Eti South Americans reach 30 centimeters in dlinu.Oni attack even crocodiles and large mammals, such as oxen and loshadi.Chernye piranha-fish staynye.Poetomu fear of predatory fishes not worth it, because she was alone.

((Interview with Arkady Mishanov-Head. Biocomplex lyceum № 18))

Presumably someone released piranhas from a home aquarium in a pond. Can feed the sick, and the teeth may become too large. Similar cases have been in the Voronezh and Lipetsk regions.

Source: TRC "Origins" — Eagle

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