In Pennsylvania, a Greek temple zamirotochila icon Crucifixion




Thousands of pilgrims come to the Greek Orthodox Church of St.. Nicholas in the city of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) to look at mirotochaschuyu icon "Crucifixion".
Catholic Jennifer Chappe from Northampton came to Bethlehem to see what may be the miracle. "When a miracle as close as possible to not pay attention to him? — Said Chappe. — This is something special, no matter what religion you profess."
A woman from the city of Bath, who wished to remain anonymous, also came to see that, in her opinion, is divine. "I think he is trying to send us a message," — she said, respectfully looking at an icon depicting the bloody suffering Christ on a wooden cross.

People who come to church every day, attracting world, which oozes icon behind the church's altar.
Church authorities did not officially called oozing world miracle, says Portal Credo. In addition, there are no plans to investigate this phenomenon from a scientific point of view. Meanwhile, some people who have seen the icon, believe that world has a divine origin.
The senior priest of the Church of St.. Nicholas Michael Varvarelis mirotochenie first noticed at the beginning of Lent. He saw that a few parts of the image of Jesus' body exudes a substance. Run-off world left traces in the form of strips, and some of it dripped from the image at the feet of Jesus salary icons. After mirotochenie continued, Varvarelis invited the Greek Metropolitan of Pittsburgh Maximus, who ministers to the 52 parish, of which 29 are located in Pennsylvania, look at the miracle.
"He was very excited and found it a blessing to the church and the people in the Lehigh Valley," — said Varvarelis.
Church officials did not do mirotochenie public. However, the news about him spread without the participation of church authorities. In the church were people coming regularly.
"People come to us from New Jersey, Reading, Wilkes-Barre, and from all over the Lehigh Valley," — said a member of the arrival of George Pitsilos. Some of them have never been before in the Orthodox Church.
"People look at the icon, and in tears streaming down their cheeks, — the Varvarelis. — They say they have heard that these things happen far away, and that's a miracle — just next to them, right in the Lehigh Valley."
The icon is behind the iconostasis, the place where access is usually only the clergy and pilgrims can only see it through the holy doors.


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