In processing the Amur fields suffered gardens villagers. Video


30.06.11.V two villages Mikhailovsky district gardeners killed fruit crops and planted vegetables. Plants have chemical burns and stopped growing.

In his trouble residents blamed agricultural enterprise, located in the neighborhood. His glider field treated with herbicides. "By hand" were some of the gardens and villages Poyarkovo, Green Forest and the local nursery gardens.

"He does not grow further, and does not whip, all was still. The sister has melons and watermelons rasplelis "- grieving Natalia Yurchenko. Her zucchini poisoned with chemicals. Cabbage covered with yellow spots and stopped growing, and you can forget about the crop of watermelons. In the garden Nataliono daughter similar picture: ill beet and cabbage — their leaves curl and covered spots. The trouble came in country garden, or rather flew from the sky. Three days over the surrounding area circled glider. He was treated with herbicides field of one of the farms, the aircraft turned around just above the gardens.

Poison came to the territory of nursery gardens. Chemical burns covered strawberries, more than 200 vines and about 500 seedlings currant; suffered honeysuckle, raspberry, apple. Now the farm called "Surprise" guess what surprises will present the next harvest. "If badly damaged, die — A chemical will reach the roots. If partially damaged, the foliage will either fall off or not work, so the harvest we would lose, — says Anatoly Perepelitsa head of household. — We sell a lot of people berries, many things, and now we lose this, we have someone to pay damages. "

Some owners have complained about the poisoned gardens in Rosselhoztsentr and district administration, part of farmsteads Commission has already examined. The event only to be investigated. Chemicals in the gardens could to place the wind, although the chemical weeding, according to the rules should be carried out in calm weather. "Indeed, the fact that there is a burn herbicides — says Svetlana Kurdyumov, Chief Michael Branch Federal District Department" Rosselhoztsentr. " — Herbicide allowed, most likely it is Fabian. Crops of peas and beans, he does not hurt, it destroys and broadleaf weeds. Well, there used against cereal corsair and Miura. " Opinion was expressed by the head of the agriculture administration Mikhailovsky district Irina Lyutova: "In my memory did not do so. Although the treated air, but to Ogorodnaya products, vegetable plants affected — this was not. Sometimes, brushed trees, vegetable gardens but people do not suffer. I believe that this is still dependent on the pilot. "

For lost crops and damaged seedlings residents Poyarkova boron and Green are going to be compensated. Require that it is possible at that farm, which conducts chemical processing, and more — go to court. The case, according to lawyers under articles of the Administrative Code for "mismanagement of pesticides and agrochemicals."

A similar situation exists in the village of Advanced Annunciation district. Hundreds died in the gardens of crops of tomato, cabbage and raspberry. In addition, the affected apiaries bees. This happened after the treatment fields chemicals. In place went Rosselhoztsentra staff and administration area, they are investigating.

Amur chemical processing fields conducted annually, mainly use pesticides. From the beginning, farmers bought 400 tons of such substances to kill insects and prevent fungal diseases. Herbicides, because of which, presumably, were killed and vegetable plants in the field for more than 60 species. They are used to control weeds.

Source: , VostokmediaTV

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