In Russia grain — less manure


10.06.11.V world — the food crisis. According to UN forecasts, the price of food will increase substantially. In China — the drought and all was lost and in Europe are infected with a deadly bacteria vegetables in Australia decreased the number of sheep, wool and cloth expensive. And in Russia, grain stockpiled, because it is — less manure.

Back in April, Siberian farmers were going to show the government an ultimatum. A Farmer's Day, which is celebrated in Russia today, caring bloggers discussing this issue, the possibility of "great and mighty" Russian is used to the maximum.

Blogger teh-nomad in his LiveJournal posted a detailed article. In it, he quoted Vladimir Pavlenko, chairman of the Association of Novosibirsk farms and agricultural cooperatives: "In 2009, the country's record harvest. It would seem, should be happy. But it was a big trouble: corn fell in price to 1-1.5 rubles per kilogram. "

He added: "Last winter, I personally brought to the dump 250 tons of grain. Take it to the elevator pointless. Underwriting services and drying would have cost more than the price of grain output. The nearby farm for the same reason to scrap 750 tons, and in Iskitim district (Novosibirsk region) — 3000 tons! (…) Where have you seen that the grain was cheaper manure? But many farmers and farm loans taken. But the banks did not live with us dismount, strangled, demanded royalties! Only my farm has suffered losses of about 20 million rubles! I know cases where farmers because of debt, despair and hopelessness of the situation to shoot and hang. When this was that for the good work people take their own lives? The more, the worse. (…) Of the villagers just robbed! "

Dmitry Noskov blogger adds, "Zyuganov in the State Duma in April voiced the following figures: Russia is spending for agriculture about 1.5 percent of the budget. Belarus — 21, U.S. — 24 per cent, the EU — 33. Previously read that Norway spends about 70 percent. "

Bloggers actively comments on this post. Some do not hold back emotions:

"Drought — (…). Record harvest — at all (…) ";
"Well, just in Russia the most profitable deal not manufacture, and sales. It happened ";
"When you go to Ukraine or Byelorussia on the train, the first thing that catches the eye to the border — the empty fields and abandoned villages, and after the border — no fallow fields and huge, it is currently live, the village and the village. A (…) from China brought the pesticide poison for five cents. That's the business! "
"Again, it is not clear what prevents farmers unite?" — Asks one of the bloggers. The other replies: "Import."
"How do you want to bring this to our government!!!"

In the discussion of this topic in one LJ — more than a thousand comments. And it is — in addition to other blogs where the conversation is no less emotional.

Learn their story told blogger alex-ustes: "I — the son of a farmer from the Volgograd region. Even 10 years ago, my father took me and my brother to pursue higher education at all in other areas as by that time it was clear that's all, (…) has hit agriculture. 25% of the crop had to be given for the storage elevator (ie, every 5 years, you need to (…) to the uncle). All at once built their barns for storing grain, so they have a loss but not 25%. Grain is really worth 5 to 6 rubles, but at this price it is not who does not sell, because to cover the cost, the price must be at least 10 rubles. This year, my father did not sell a ton, and so did many.

My uncle is a mechanic working on one large farmer. This year he knocked 50, and he — the "young" mechanic this dude. And his health oh how not. In general, I can tell you many things. Just trust me: much easier to sell the oil — it does not need to grow, and pray that there was rain. I — 24, and I do not want to connect their lives with agriculture, because I, too, want to eat, go to rest, etc. "

And one of the bloggers — the-boore-over — quoted Winston Churchill. He once said: "I always thought I would die of old age. But when Russia, bread to feed the whole of Europe, began to buy grain, I realized that I would die of laughter. "

So, Happy Farmer, dearest agriculture!


Author: Larissa Hudikova


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