In South Africa, found the oldest decoration




Professor Christopher Henshilvud (Christopher Henshilwood) from the Norwegian University of Bergen (University of Bergen) found in South Africa, the most ancient jewelry.

This 41 bead, made of shells, which at the same place the same punched holes for the laces, bearing traces of abrasion.

The find is dated 75 thousand years ago. Age ornaments that were previously considered the oldest — 45 thousand years.

Traces of red ocher on the beads indicate that either the shell or the clothes they wore on top of which were covered with pigment.

"The beads are symbolic message. Symbolism — the basis for all that came later, including rock painting, jewelry and other personal characteristics of complex behavior," — said Professor Henshilvud.

Interestingly, there are more ancient man-made objects such as fragments of stone, vaguely reminiscent of the treated human figures.

They date back to 200 thousand years ago. But their man-made origin of rigorous proof — these "sculptures" could be the result of random geological processes.


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