In South Korea, an epidemic of bird flu


31.12.10.Ministerstvo agriculture in South Korea confirmed that it has recorded an outbreak of avian influenza H5N1 in two farms. Because of the outbreak of the disease on farms over 100,000 chickens and 10,000 ducks were destroyed. One of the farms located in the center, and the other — to the west of the country. Both are now in quarantine.


This is the first case of H5N1 infection in South Korea since 2008, the report said. Earlier, the authorities have recorded three cases of avian influenza in migratory birds have arrived in South Korea for the winter. The authorities have warned farmers to take precautions to avoid contact with wild poultry.

In late November, bird flu has been found in migratory birds in the Vladimir region. The region immediately tightened security at poultry farms and vet checked backyard.

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