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Most researchers believe that tepleyuschy world will be more humid. But a new study of the effects of pollution claims that in fact there may come a drought. The general theory states that as the temperature increases, the surface of the sea will evaporate more water — and therefore will be more rain, most of which will fall on land. Other influences, such as the reaction of plants to elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the air, also can make the world a wet place. But some aspects of climate change could have the opposite effect, says Lipert Bit of Earth Observatory Lamont-Doherty in New York. Even if the world will become wetter, according to her, it does not necessarily mean an increase in the number of rain.

Lipert and her colleagues studied the effects of other types of pollution in the water cycle, in particular, the small air particles called aerosols. Burning fossil fuels creates various types of aerosols, such as sulfate and soot grains. These particles are then help condense water droplets, forming a cloud. Her group believes that this increase in aerosols in the air accounts for the fact that in many parts of the world reduces the amount of sunlight reaching the ground — despite the fact that the sun shines at a constant rate and temperature of air at the surface rises.

Lipert conducted computer simulations of global climate change, to see the overall impact of modern aerosol concentrations at the world, a warmer under the influence of greenhouse gases. She found that while the global area of cloud cover will not change significantly, the clouds over the land will become thicker.

Increasing the amount of fine particles in the air will also mean that there will be a plurality of small droplets and fewer large not ready to rain. The researchers found that even now the water vapor remains in the atmosphere for about half a day longer than if there were no aerosols. As a result, many smaller areas receive rain — and downward sunlight.


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