In the anomalous zone disappeared persons




From the area of the ridge Medveditskaia have a new disturbing news: in February 2004, is missing from another tourist. Recall that the "Kosmopoisk" strongly opposed to the most dangerous places were uncontrolled influx of tourism and all volunteers are invited to participate in joint expeditions. However, the number of "savages" and amateur UFO enthusiasts traveling to the anomalous zone is at your own risk, do not dry out. From time to time (up to 2-4 times per year) "Kosmopoisk" gets tearful requests from relatives of the missing to find them, "no one knows where." Not all the quest to succeed and rescue of people — especially when the message of absenteeism connection comes through for a long time.
On the ridge Medveditskaia similar tragic incident occurred in August 1993, when an experienced traveler, herbalist, ufologist Nikolai Khlebalin came independently of the Krasnodar region. The place where he put the tent, it is known with great precision (one of the most dangerous places in the Peaks, was tragically killed near a local), but no one never saw any of this man nor his tracks. Despite the fact that the UFO has consulted his stay with anybody, "Kosmopoisk" at the request of a relative few years tried in vain to find the remains of N.Hlebalina ("Kosmopoisk 'requests to all who knew this man, to share information about his experience and habits) …
At this time, in 2004 lost an experienced traveler, who came here from Bashkiria, the sister said about the loss of 2 months after the end of the return period. Asked to find traces of the missing said they indirectly responsible for the tragedy of the journalist Paul Lipchenko believe that "their irresponsible article" is not only convinced that Medveditskaia ridge can and should "hold kebabs with beer", but also called on everyone to come there, naming the exact address … Now the "Kosmopoisk" must again turn to its members, able to go on a quest please those volunteers receive instruction in the headquarters' Kosmopoisk "or directly in the 8th camp" Kosmopoisk "on Medveditskaia ridge that will work most of the summer.


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