In the Bashkir lake appeared marine fish


© Photo: Hans Hillewaert

UFA, July 6 — BBC News, Ramil Salikhova. Marine fish-needle appeared in the Bashkir Asly Kul Lake, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday participant Ufa club professional diving Rustam Sirazetdinov.

According to him, in late June, divers at the bottom of the study, the largest lake in Bashkiria Asly-kul, discovered a large flock of fish spines.

"They are very similar to a flute-fish from the Red Sea, but much smaller. Near the shore of the lake a lot of them, in the same fry holds "- said the agency diver.

The family of the needle has about 200-250 species of fish, 150 species belong to the fish-needles and 32 species of seahorses. The family are marine fish that live in the coastal zone of tropical and temperate waters. They usually prefer to live in sandy beaches, in seagrass beds and coral. Size of adult sea needles ranging from 2.5 to 60 cm, representatives of the family have a very elongated elongated body. They feed on small planktonic crustaceans.

"Like a fish that lives on the shores of the Caspian, Azov and Black seas hit the Bashkir lake to be seen. According to some experts, ichthyologists, southern fish spontaneously settled in the north due to global warming. A Bashkir State University biologists believe that the fish could reach the lake in 1951 or in 1969, when experts run fish in the lake whitefish and ripusa of the Volga River, "- said Sirazetdinov.

According to the divers who explore Asly-culture for years, live in the lake pike, carp, carp, burbot, tench and perch.

Last week, the fishermen on the lake district of Bashkortostan Karabalykty Abzelilovsky caught dvuhkilogrammovuyu herbivorous piranhas. Fish transferred to study the biology department of the Bashkir State University. According to scientists, piranha, normally lives in South America, could release people into the lake from the home aquarium.


Source: RIA Novosti

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