In the Caucasus, due to climate change are dying birds


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19.09.11.Ornitologi North Ossetia associated disappearance of several species of birds to climate change, according to Ph.D., a leading ornithologist North Ossetia Yuri Komarov.

In his view, the facts of that watch Caucasian ornithologists alarming. "So far not observed Sand Martin, this leads to negative thoughts — says Komarov. — Flight ended tragically chernogolovok-warblers that migrate in flocks in the fog and crashed on Fiagdonsky television repeater at an altitude of 2,800 m. "

Ornithologist connects the disappearance this year of many species of birds in flight with a rainy summer, the result of which could have been killed laying birds nesting in the trees, also draws attention to the decline in the number of migratory birds. However, this fall was first noticed by the flight of rare bird species — Alpine swifts, white and gray herons, which, moreover, stopped at the reservoir Zaramagskaya HPP.

"We are very alert. I've seen this year departing to warm nightingales, which usually begin migration in late August, there is a span of common cranes, wood pigeon, quail, "- said ornithologist. To explain this unusual phenomenon, it is necessary to analyze the entire bird population of the Caucasus, said Komarov.

"The number of migratory birds in the Caucasus, every year it becomes less and less, this year was a further confirmation of the sad fact," — says the scientist.

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