In the city of Nanjing Xuanwu Lake there was a strange sight


12.05.11.Nedavno in the east of China, in the city of Nanjing, on Lake Xuan saw a very strange sight. Living in the lake white carp (also known as carp) large schools "fly" very high above the water, some even reaches the shore. This "idea" has attracted people's attention.

On Lake Xuan living in it packs carp jumping out of the water. Photo:

According to the newspaper "Yangtze Evening News", May 8, at around 9 pm, on Lake Xuan living in it packs carp jumping out of the water. It was like a competition in diving. They jumped out of the water more than one meter in height, and when diving back into the water made a great noise sound. The passing tourists watched this strange scene.

A lot of white carp found on the lake. People who lost no time in collecting the fish, even grabbing each other's hands. Size of the fish is about 20 cm in width, weight — about 7.8 pounds.

By 10 pm, the district administration has taken steps — were cast into the lake of the net to stop the continuous movement of the fish. In the dark (muddy) water lake fishing nets have been caught a lot of fish. Hundreds of people gathered on the bank of the lake, and the fight for the fish lasted until after midnight, but then people started to gradually disperse.

The staff looking after the lake Xuan reported that in Nanjing in the afternoon a few days had a very high fever, and at night — stuffiness. As a result of the lack of oxygen the fish had to get oxygen in such an unusual way.

Lyudmila Demin

The Epoch Times,

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