In the desert of Nazca someone drew a five-storey building with men


Japanese scientists from the University of Yamagata studied the new satellite images of the Earth, and, to his surprise, discovered two new Geoglyphs of Nazca desert.

— Such images in Nazca still has not found! — Rejoiced study leader Professor Masato Sakai .
— The drawings resemble the two human figures with large parties. This is very unusual because humanoid image uncharacteristic for this plateau.

The fact that until now has been found about 700 geometric figures primarily triangles and trapezoids and 100 spirals. There are a few drawings of animals, birds, fish and insects — a little more than thirty. And suddenly — men!

Two man in Nazca.

Next to one of the figures is a round object resembling a ball or a ball. And the head of the right-hand side of the figure to diverge as if rays or antenna. But the head itself seems to separate from the body. And out of one hand as if lightning fires.

Traced the men.

What has surprised the researchers: the figures are smaller than the most famous figures of Nazca — only 14 and 12 meters. For comparison, the hummingbird has a length of 50 meters, a spider — 46, condor — 120 meters, and the lizard — 188 meters. Perhaps these figures men — someone drafts. And soon there will be giants?

— There was another "chernovichek" — says Professor Sakai. — In January 2011, we are in the southern part of the plateau found the portrait — the human face with eyes, mouth and ears. Figure 4 meters length and width of 3 meters. However, the picture is quite blurry.

Portrait of Nazca.

. ..The famous image of Peru were discovered by chance in 1927 with airplanes. And after 86 years of research, scientists have almost no closer to solving this great mystery of human history. So far, only decided on the dating phenomenon, having carried it about the middle of the 1st millennium BC and attributing its creation to the local Indian tribe of the same name — Nazca.

— There is no consensus as to the meaning of these pictures yet, — The candidate of historical sciences, a researcher of anomalous phenomena Igor Sergeyev. — Some consider them ancient temples in the open air, the other — a giant observatory, and others — prehistoric spaceport "Aliens", which played the role of the mysterious signs marking. There is such a popular theory that the brothers themselves by trying to reason in such a way to communicate with earthlings. And from space with special devices applied to the drawings on the plateau.

However, all of these versions are broken on a prosaic fact is that all the images are made in a simple manner. They dug into the surface of the desert plateau, that is, and drawings, and lines and stripes — just the grooves in the sandy and pebbled ground. Their depth varies from 10 to 30 cm They dosatochno fragile. To break the line, it is enough to drive through it on the car.

— However, this knowledge does not reveal the secrets of Nazca — complains historian Sergeyev. — What is the purpose Indians iskovyryali entire desert — is unclear. And in general — whether they were Indians?



86-meter-high giant of the Atacama Desert (Chile) is considered to segolnyashny most ambitious prehistoric paintings in the world. Researchers gave him the name of Tarapaca.

86-meter-high giant of the Atacama Desert (Chile)

Image humanoid creature is in 1370 km from the desert of Nazca geoglyphs. It can be seen only from the plane. Located just above the giant circles, lines, images of birds and animals.

Who and what narisova Tarapaca, scientists do not know. But there is speculation that the icons were pointers for caravans Incas.

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