In the heart of the Upper Pyshma land out from under people

Karst holes

8.04.11.Proval on Ordzhonikidze Street, near the house number 24, began to form immediately after the start of the fountain in the central square.

First, several local, but fairly deep pits. Next start become swollen sidewalk. And this spring area emergency site reached several tens of square meters.
To date, the court may pass on except on the SUV. Elevation change on the break of the roadway reaches 25 cm or more. The yard is literally sinking into the underworld. The process has already acquired threatening.

Residents recall the now legendary event that one of our countrymen came to the garden, located in the city, and found his greenhouses, in which he poured the whole evening on the eve of cucumbers. On-site construction of a huge gaping hole. Greenhouse is completely gone underground in an old mine.
On the occasion of the failure of the road and sidewalk tenants put forward a similar version. Many fear that after the road starts to go into the ground and the house itself, which is more than a hundred apartments. I must say that dereliction matters worse. In the few years that the process is developing sinkhole, residents never saw any active attempts to influence it.

There are among the volunteer experts assumptions less scary, but not more fun. People say that the area was not properly designed and fountains on it. They suspect that the fountains play an uncontrolled water that penetrates into the cavities of engineering structures and collect there, and during the winter cold, as it should be water, expands and raises the soil. In the spring, the water thaws, begins its move and make room for the land, which is above it.

This version is supported by the statements of "experts" (which always appear in such cases) that the project allegedly distributing communications during the project work did not consider the additional impact on them by an enlarged area, house number 22, the pool, the Sports Palace and the actual fountains. People insist on an immediate independent review. According to the author, such a requirement is justified because the same fellow who did the project, will be unlikely to admit their mistakes, and they are visible to even a layman. Especially since it may hurt the honor of the uniform local industry.

As I know from their own sources, a clear understanding of the situation there is not the management company or the administration or the UMMC are particularly proud of the construction of all of the above objects. However, the situation could become critical. People are willing to demand resettlement because already frankly fear for their lives: Unknown, whether their house will stand under the pressure of artificial elements. Verhnepyshminskaya Fukushima we do not need.

Alexei Ilyin


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