In the Kama downpour washed away the jeep into the ground. Video

Karst holes

19.08.11.V Berezniki in the night from Sunday to Monday, August 15, after a powerful storm and rain, the car on the roof fell into the gully on the road.

At a major forum Bereznikov one eyewitness wrote: "My friend, returning about two o'clock in the morning back home, fell on a car in the gully entirely. It all happened at the turn of a street, Karl Marx street Potash right, toward the BRU-1. Thank God no one was hurt (except for "cars"). "

As it turned out, within three hours of the victims phoned all the services of the city, one did not respond, one fire truck came, but the fighter MOE said that they could not pull cars and left. Poor guy pulled the car on their own. After three hours, drove all the intelligence agencies of the city, headed by a mayor. At the time of arrival of the pit was about four meters wide, 7 meters in length and 2 meters in depth. "The situation, however … when we left, the street was blocked Potash," — wrote an eyewitness.

As the official site of administration Berezniki, gullies formed at Sverdlov Street, next to the former shop "Kelmi", at the entrance to the village Chkalovo, outdoors Potash, near house number 26 and on the road Berezniki, Perm, near the former traffic police post. Potash and the street near traffic police post in the evening on August 15 holes have been eliminated. Small ravine is at the edges of the carriageway Karl Marx Street, Sverdlov, Jubilee, Lenin Avenue.

Could not have done in times past in the Perm region and without the standard crash.

August 18 Karagai on Chkalov Street, the driver who was driving the scooter, when rebuilding the left wheel collided with a trailer MAZ, heading in the same direction. His driver overtook scooter. As a result of an accident scooter died.

The same day, a 13-kilometer route Goldyrev — Horde — October driver Toyota Corolla in unknown circumstances permitted rollover into the left ditch. As a result of an accident, he received a mortal injury.

A day earlier, a 17-kilometer road-Dobryanka Olkhovka driver Volkswagen Passat not choose a safe speed, do not take into account road conditions, lost control of the car and made a rollover into the right ditch. In a car accident the passenger car died, the driver was taken to hospital with broken bones and head injuries.

Only 17 and 18 August on the road Kama were 12 accidents in which three people were killed and 13 received injuries of varying degrees of severity, according to traffic police in the Perm region.

Lika ROMASHKINA, Lydia OVCHINNIKOVA, especially for
Video and Photo television "Aster"(Berezniki)


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