In the Kemerovo region there was an explosion of unknown origin

March 6, 2013. Edition of the "Kuzbass" referring to the regional administration Kemerovo Region, reports the quake unknown nature that arose in Bachatsky mining village in the central part of Kuzbass in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

It is reported that underground disturbance of magnitude 3.0 were classified as industrial explosion. Serious danger of aftershocks did not imagine the devastation and casualties is also no.
To determine the cause of the explosion of the Governor Aman Tuleyev instructed his deputy Valentin PEROVA MAZIKIN hold a meeting to discuss the possible causes of the territory of Kuzbass seismic activity. Maxim Makin, Deputy Governor Kemerovo area, was ordered to investigate the building of residential and non-residential zone settlement to determine their seismic resistance.

To avoid repeated explosions Aman Tuleyev sent a telegram to the head of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov in the Geodetic Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Altai-Sayan Branch Geodetic Survey SB RAS, with a petition to bring experts to study the nature of this phenomenon.

In turn, a spokesman for the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Irina Rossius reported that the investigation at the scene in the near future will focus special commission.

Source: News Gismeteo

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