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Villagers Borka, where, according to UFO researchers, is "Ukrainian" spaceport extraterrestrial civilizations, ten years accustomed to the nightly visits of "plateaus" and called the current activity of aliens "second coming" …

Mr. Tkachuk

"FACTS" (Kharkov — Kiev)

The village Borki aliens showed up in the nineties. It was winter, frosty days of Christmas. Wanting to ventilate the holidays weary body, a local locksmith Vorontsov went for a bike ride along the river Mzha. Suddenly, through a veil of mist, he noticed a reddish-orange "object" hovering above the ice at an altitude of about ten centimeters. Soon, evidence technician confirmed and poultry workers, located nearby. With the speed of telegraph rumor about "the miracle of fire" spread through the village. Rushed to the authorities, but there is information about the "phenomenon" strongly refuted. Mechanic advised to monitor the quality of moonshine, and the attendant — do not drink horrible. "We drilled a friend ufologist aliens in the garden twenty-meter (!) Well"

Its say in this situation had to say science, and soon to the site of "contact" toward the senior researcher Peter Kutnyuk poultry. Having surveyed the shore of the river and creek, Peter Ivanovich found on the ice circle with a diameter of 20 meters. Next, apparently, was left rotating object like a giant whirligig. The ice in the landing of the "saucer" dipped to seventy centimeters. The impression that someone pump pumped the water out of his …

Since the discovery of the "circle" Petro has a reputation in Borkah "top skeet." Gossip, they say, in his office UFO wreckage hides a mysterious aircraft. And some do believe that the creature itself is outstanding (!) For Pyotr Kutnyuka in reality … a masked stranger who came to Earth to prepare people for the upcoming contacts.

Their "missionary" activity Petro and in fact began with the fact that the directorate had arranged for members of the trade union committee of the Institute and an excursion to the landing place of the "saucer". However, soon the evidence fell upon the inhabitants of Borok themselves.

Some villagers spotted in the night sky "objects" light green color, the other — a fiery red. Often tracks "phenomenon" and a neighbor of Peter Ivanovich in his earthly dwelling — a non-drinker and a positive pensioner Alla Nikitichna.

— I have insomnia at night — she excitedly chattering — that's sitting up in the morning, Vysun the window and look out. It is no longer seen: a fiery, red-type umbrella or shade. Very beautiful! One time flies very close!

— The fact that they fly up so close, I do not like it — thoughtfully observes Peter Kutnyuk.

In Borkah UFO seen almost every second. Petro says that the area around the village of the aliens spaceport. Here they are charged with water that even the earth scientists believe the fuel of the future, there is something is measured, sampled. Why, one wonders, is in Borkah?

— Sampling — one of the highest places in eastern Ukraine — looks away Petro — can so they are comfortable …

Each courtyard has its own record borkinskom contact. We Sergei, a friend of fancier-ufologist, aliens from obscure motives were drilled in the garden twenty-meter (!) Well. At first everyone thought it was the tricks of explorers. But someone suddenly noticed: "Hey guys, because a number of the well is almost no soil, where are they ground Delhi? Here at least three tons of clay should be. Really all in Kharkov was taken?"

The case of a six year old boy Andrei and — one of the biggest stories of the contact. Her grandmother told us the boy, whose parents are tossed into the village for the summer. Somehow Andrew stayed home with his grandfather. The old man had fallen asleep, and the boy was playing near the window. Heard on the street rumble — ran into the yard, I thought brought a coal truck. But it was them.

— It was round with horns, like one plate to the other is laid, and hanging over a kitchen garden, as if on a rope — later told Andrew, — and from there to my uncle strictly a stern look. Already hurt the eyes become! I got scared and crawled to his grandfather — wake up …

The story of a boy at first no one believed it. But on the evening of the same day with him strange things began to happen.

— His eyes were red child, inflamed — says Andrei's grandmother. — Already thought to take him to the doctor, but after a few days it went.

It is strange, but the more in Borkah "converts" that is, people who have seen a UFO with my own eyes, the quieter the locals refer to newcomers. At first dibs waiting for help from them — things or what-no food. Some even make plans for kids apartment. Most savvy newcomers tried praying in church. Soon, however, a rumor spread in the village, they say, the aliens to the requests and complaints of citizens are not responding. They say that people are made out of the ground and eat accordingly. And the aliens have a different structure. In addition, they have long since moved on spiritual food, which is what we wish with all my heart. Therefore, in terms of products to use from "bowl" no. The aliens we just watch and help, if something explodes in a serious way, like Chernobyl.

— "Plates"? I often see them — confessed to the institute's keeper Vladimir — usually at night they come in threes. We need to save the world there are bursting at the seams …

"Plates" watchman shares into "good" and "not very much". Why is that, Volodya can not explain. Just know it. Information about them to the people Borok comes telepathically — as if by itself. As a fly flies out the window. Although a stronger bond aliens send "Communication ball." The size of a tennis ball, he and glows a bright crimson color. "The aliens are provocative, especially if showing people the eye"

Ufologist Petro pointed to his forehead notch — a trace of contact. Explained, they say, is the fruit of his early attempts to see a UFO. Being younger and faster, with a camera at the ready, he was chosen in the place where the most commonly seen "objects."

— When I saw this little ball — describes the experiences Petro — in someone else's mind flashed the thought: "You want to make sure you're convinced now?". And when he got home, I washed and touched his forehead. There was a feeling like I'm a finger slipped into the brain …

"The news channel" in the head of the local ufologist slowly dissolves. But with the beginning of spring when the aliens intensified, Petro was careful to probe its recess — suddenly wakes up the channel again?

In Borkah and in fact it is rumored that in 2004, allegedly started the second coming of "plates". For ten years after the first visit, they rarely appear. Now the "fiery umbrellas" darting through the sky almost every night.

They say Borok near the aliens do not just launch site and the test site. Borkintsah check on aliens as humanity becomes accustomed to the coexistence of a parallel world. And, indeed, in ten years the local aliens are accustomed to: fly — and let them. Already one of the witnesses did not consider the "saucer" hallucination, even if a candidate Sciences Beletskaya Anne flew to the garden "star."

— I have to admit — sigh Petro — the aliens behave provocatively, they like everything is and how many times before whom seem then to pause, track response in the press, to assess the public interest. They are … as if to test the waters.

Now, the gossip among the people, there comes the second part of the experiment. Interviews with separately selected citizens. Throughout the Borkah began to notice the very crimson balls. Proof of this hardened glass in round holes proper form. Petro first noticed this glass in the train. Spotted glazier responsible for car repairs. And he showed ufologist pile of damaged windows so …

"Circles in a meadow near the village shepherd grandfather Sasha seen yet after the war"

In his spare time, Peter ufology Kutnyuk benefits humankind and mother institution, making discoveries that, even in the hands of terrorists, can not be used for evil.

— Applying catastrophe theory — he says — I theorized ideal weight hens. Petro considered as a hen object consuming and transforming energy. Calculations show — vymahala nine pounds heavier than chicken, and feed energy is not dissipated in the production of eggs, and the maintenance of excess weight. Even worse is the situation with chickens weighing less than eight pounds. More mobile, they are happy to run and fly, wasting precious energy on the motion. Therefore, the ideal hens should have a weight of 1.8 — 1, 9 pounds.

— And chickens and "plates" — smiles Petro — are subject to the same laws of physics.

A physicist says that all who fly, ever sit down. Together with Kharkov ufologists scientist scoured the neighborhood of the village and finally found an alien "spaceport"! The old man, Uncle Alex Shepherd confirmed that the circles on a green meadow he found after the war. However, every year there are more fresh tracks, old as slowly disappear. Uncle Sasha "plate" fire saw when she flew over his hut.

— We've got nothing — said goodbye to Peter Ivanovich, — fly all. And in the village of Sunny robot to man molested. The horror!

Sunny village — 100 kilometers from Borok. But that's another story.

The newspaper "Facts and Comments" 2004.04.06 21:27

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