In the Kuzbass appeared Ramson


Photo: Dmitry Marina

28.10.11.Prodavtsy Kalba (aka wild garlic) in late October and appeared immediately in the south and in the north of the area.

In Mountain Shoria sell it on the road near the village of Central, which is 35 kilometers from Tashtagol and to the north Kalba vendors can be found on the road Kemerovo — Anzhero Sudzhensk: cornering at Scout camp and the village of Sosnovka. And if the winter trade Kalb — amazing phenomenon, but understandable ("Komsomolskaya Pravda" has already written about the "taiga hotbeds" in which wild garlic, wrapped in foil, grows through the winter), and now its on the market is astounding. And the leaves in Kalba in the spring, lush green color, and at length she was vymahal to 7 — 9 inches! For one beam traders asked 20 — 30 rubles.

The reason for such a delay in the appearance of garlic was warm autumn. Even though it has now become much cooler than two weeks ago, the day still holds zero temperature. Here are the plants, apparently, mixed autumn and spring, and started to grow.

— Yes, I've heard that Kalb was back, until he saw only small sprouts — three centimeters, — says the head of the territorial department of Tashtagolsky forester Forestry Department of the Kemerovo region, Konstantin Hoffman. — While on the fringes, where a lot of sun, it can grow up to two times more. But I recently near Ust-Kabyrzy had seen that the second time this year flowered willow.

Meanwhile, in the gardens under the Kemerovo and Leninsk-Kuznetsk swollen kidneys and honeysuckle.

— There is nothing surprising in this, usually in October, we have freezing temperatures, and in the last week of air heated to 8, and in the south to 14 degrees — said chief forecaster Weather Service Raisa Buzunova Kemerovo. — In fact, the growth of season for plants — it's too bad, because now they will spend on him all the power in the cold can vymerznut. And even if they survive the winter, then next year will flower later, and the crop will be.

And winter is forecast Kemerovo forecasters, perhaps in Kuzbass is from day to day. If a Saturday afternoon air is still warm to 2, and on the south to + 8 degrees, at night the temperature dropped to -4 … -9. On Sunday, the thermometer stood at 0 … -5, and on Monday and will start freezing at all: daily temperature will be only -2 … -7 and -6 … -11 overnight. Expected at the weekend and the snow, though, he was soon to melt.


Source: KP.RU — Kemerovo

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