In the Kuzbass found flamingos. Video


15.11.11.V Tashtagol found flamingos. Presumably, it off course, fell behind the pack and instead of Kazakhstan, arrived in Siberia.

Local residents showed a bird vet and is now caring for her. Flamingos are common in Africa, the Caucasus, Iran, South-East and Central Asia as well as in South and Central America. Why thermophilic bird chose such a strange place in winter, now find out ornithologists.

Source: Lead — Kuzbass

In southern Kuzbass found freezing in snow flamingo

16.11.11.V Tashtagol found one flamingo, according Local residents showed a bird vet and is now caring for her.

— Flamingo need special care — worrying, says Tatiana Bocharov, director leninskkuznetskogo Exhibition Hall (and a mini-zoo). — The frozen poultry can not be immediately entered into the heat — only gradually. Flamingo also only eat in the water and only a specific food. So now is a great danger that the flamingos die. We are ready to save it, we have to have all of this: the doctors, a large aviary with a warm pool. And the experience — I spent many years studying flamingos.

— Like flamingos could be in Mountain Shoria how could fly in 20-degree cold?

— Youth flamingos always exits before the main pack before elders and leaders. Always going to a small group of "brazen" and self-confident young people who fly first — to be the best time to look around and finding your way. In Siberia was prolonged abnormally warm autumn. This group of flamingos — from scratch. She had to fly to winter in North Africa. In recent years, due to climate change in birds disturbed inner compass. This group is confused direction, flew in the opposite direction — instead of Africa — in Siberia, because the bird feels, where it is warm, believes that the south there. A very warm for a long time been in Siberia — is trying to restore the route of flight and death of flamingos Tatiana Bocharov. — Winter arrived a week ago. Group of flamingos certainly resting on any body of water in the Novosibirsk region, considering that it is in the south.

Started cold, the birds realize that flying is not there, and changed direction and flew to China, "hitting" the Tomsk region and then — Mountain Shoria.

It is no accident that five birds seen in the area Krivosheinsky Tomsk region, reports "Interfax". Two weak birds residents picked up and brought to the zoo, others — looking for.

The following case seems to have occurred under Tashtagol.

According to "Interfax", it can be flamingo not from scratch, but with the Kazakh Tengiz Lake, where in 1979, bred to 10 thousand flamingos, there occasionally one — three birds fly in the Tomsk region.

According to Tatyana Bocharova, a group of flamingos to be the order of 25 beaks. If people saw five birds fallen in the Tomsk region, one — in the Kuzbass, the 15 birds to be found in Shoria. And they need help.


Source: KP.RU — Kemerovo

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