In the Odessa area has fallen meteorite. Video


7.09.11.Astronom Odessa Observatory Yuri Gorban looking in Nikolaev, Odessa region meteorite, which fell in the evening on September 1.

Interviewing residents of Odessa region several communities who have witnessed how the fiery meteor pierced the sky and rolled to the ground and caused strong rumbling on impact with the ground, an astronomer Yuri Gorban believes that it is reasonable to look for a meteorite near the village of Novo-Nikolayevka, Odessa region.

"As the fireball phenomenon accompanied by sound effects, — said astronomer reporters — suggests that fell to the ground a small meteorite. Iron or iron-stone, weighing up to 10 kilograms. "
However, the Director of the Research Institute "Astronomical Observatory ONU them. Mechnikov "Sergei Andrievsky not exclude the possibility that the alleged meteorite fell in the Odessa region, in fact, may be a" man-made object — stage of the launch, a fragment of the satellite, which has worked its resources. Some portion could enter the atmosphere and produce a similar effect, that people took a meteorite. "

Writing team site believes that the astronomer Yuri Gorban still seek out fallen meteorite and give evidence.


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