In the Omsk region of the fire killed the animals on the farm


16.11.11.V Sherbakulskom area suffered a major fire, which killed almost all livestock and poultry. The cause of the tragedy was a violation of the rules of operation of electrical appliances.

Tonight, at 00.49 local time, in the village of Borisov Sherbakulskogo Omsk region on fire one of the town houses on Meadow Street. As a result of PE masters monastery suffered major damage.

At the time of arrival of fire occurred flaming barn, also observed the threat of fire to go semi-detached house. The fire had damaged and demolished outbuildings on the area 108 square meters. m

In addition, the fire killed 23 head of cattle and 50 head of poultry. But the transition to the neighbors' house fire firefighters prevented, they saved the wealth in the amount of 600 thousand rubles.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was the violation of fire safety in the operation of household appliances. The amount of material damage is established.

Source: RIA Omsk-Inform

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