In the Pacific Ocean in 2000 killed for shark fin


20.10.11.V the world's largest reserve for the sharks in the Marshall Islands found two thousand dead mammal with cut fins.

Divers investigating the reserve area of 2 million square kilometers, reported that after a shallow dive found a large number of dead animals that have been cut off the fins.

— When we plunged into the water, we saw a huge number of shark carcasses. All were without fins, and all were dead, — one of the team of divers.

Many of the dead sharks are rare and in danger of extinction, among them — a type of whale sharks.

— We have seen how the reserve went to 10 fishing trawlers flying the flag of Costa Rica, who illegally entered the area — said marine biologist and environmental adviser on the UNESCO World Heritage Sandra Bessudo.

Earlier, the Marshall Islands, where there is a nature reserve, a ban on the trade in all products of the commercial catch of sharks and these predators in their territorial waters.

Ivanna Nicholas

Source: Life News Online

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