In the Pacific, the crew mysteriously disappeared


VLADIVOSTOK. January 21. VOSTOK-MEDIA — In the Pacific there was another "Mary Celeste" — a vessel with a crew mysteriously disappeared. January 14 Taiwanese fishing vessel Ming Horng Yu worked 123 emergency beacon, the ship was in the 1500 miles to the northwest of Oahu, Hawaii.

The signal received U.S. Coast Guard, and launched an international rescue operation. In the area of vessel in distress were sent planes and ships are nearby, the Coast Guard contacted the owner who reported that the crew of the vessel length of 85 feet — 11 people, nationality were not called. From the very ship communication was lost. January 15 to a fishing vessel in the dark came the Japanese bulk carrier Amorita (IMO 9181027, dwt 46667, flag Panama), calls on the radio ship does not comply, the lights, too, the entire crew was gone, the ship itself Ming Horng Yu 123 not impressed sinking.
At the moment this is still all that is known, RIA "Vostok-Media" as amended "Maritime Bulletin".

Help RIA "Vostok-Media", "Mary Celeste" — brigantine Length 103 feet (31 meters), a width of 7.6 m, draft of 3.5 meters, a displacement of 282 tons. The ship was built in the docks Spencer's Island, Nova Scotia in 1862, the ship's master, Joshua Davis, and was originally called "Amazon» (Amazon).

The ship was stout, but a bad reputation because of the failures. The first captain was killed during the first voyage. Several times the ship changed owners. In 1869, caught in a storm off the coast of Nova Scotia, the ship was cast ashore. Following this incident, the ship was sold to the American owners, who renamed it "Mary Celeste" ("Mary is in heaven").
November 5, 1872 began another voyage "Mary Celeste" under the command of captain, 38-year-old Benjamin Briggs. Ship with a cargo of rectified spirit, which belonged to the company «Meissner Ackermann & Coin», came out of Staten Island, New York in the port of Genoa, Italy. On the ship, except the captain and crew of 7 people, was the wife of Captain Sarah Elizabeth Cobb-Briggs and his two year old daughter Sophia Matilda.

"Mary Celeste" was detected after four weeks, 4 December (according to some reports, 5 December, due to lack of standard time zones in the XIX century) vessel "Dei Gratia" under the command of Captain David Reed Morehouse, who knew Benjamin Briggs. The ship was abandoned: no man, no living or dead, was not on board.

Between bulkheads and decks of the vessel found contained seawater, reaching 3.5 feet in the hold. Lyuchnye cover removed. The rest of the ship appeared intact. Windows aft superstructure, where the captain's cabin, covered with a tarpaulin and boarded up. Sextant and chronometer were found (which includes evacuation team), the clock ran out of the plant. Compass destroyed, presumably by a failed attempt to remove it quickly. In the captain's cabin remained intact jewelry box and two packs of money. By sex cabins were scattered toys, sewing machine was the wife of captain with incomplete shitem.Raspolozhenie things testified that the ship did not fall in a storm — in particular, on the sewing machine oil can lay that at strong pitching necessarily be ejected. The absence of a storm testified and surveillance of other ships in the area at the estimated time of disaster. Dampness in a residential area of the vessel due only universally open hatches, including light in the captain's cabin, which was clearly not the weather.

The men did not take with them their pipes — they were stacked in the proper place in the cockpit.

In swimming "Mary Celeste" went one lifeboat, the second of regular boats had been sent to repair. Boat, most likely, was launched, and not frustrated elements. Moreover, judging by the state rail, boat was lowered from the board, which is under the rule of this time of year and the course winds to Genoa would be a windward.

Cargo in 1701, a barrel of alcohol seemed intact (but after its delivery to Genoa owner reported the disappearance of nine barrels). Was semi-intact food supplies. All the papers, except for the ship's log, disappeared. The last entry in the log book is dated November 24, with the coordinates of "Mary Celeste": 36 ° 57 's. sh. and 27 ° 20 'W long. etc. According to the inscription on the slate in the mess, at 8 am the next day would be in the brigantine six miles south-southwest of the island of Santa Maria (one of the Azores.)

David Morehouse, promising to share in the prize, landed on his derelict navigator Olivier Devos and several sailors 'Dei Gratia', which hastily corrected the ship, and brought him to Gibraltar. British Admiralty held a thorough investigation, a detailed survey of the vessel (including below the waterline, divers) and careful questioning of witnesses. It is the content of this investigation and the main and most reliable source of information. This investigation strongly delayed getting Morehouse prize as the goods have not been delivered on time, and the vessel was detained in Gibraltar.


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