In the Philippines, found the blue-eyed owls


19.08.12.Uchenye found in the Philippines, two new iglonogih owls. The findings are published in the annual ornithological journal Forklift, a summary of articles described in the portal Red Orbit.

New species of owls — kamiginskaya iglonogaya sebunskaya iglonogaya owl owl — were found, respectively, in the island provinces of Camiguin and Cebu.

Kamiginskaya owl is different in that it has eyes gray-blue color, has never met owls. Another feature of this species is the vocalization — the vocal sound of the birds are significantly different from the signals of owls that live on the island of Mindanao, which is located near Camiguin.

The second new species also differs characteristic vocalizations. According to one of the participants in the study, professor of zoology at Michigan State University Pam Rasmussen, namely the study of bird voices allowed the scientists to conclude that they belong to an unknown species.

"Owls can not learn to scream, their cries are programmed in the DNA, and they use voice to attract partners for mating or guarding their territory. Since the voices of these owls were very different from what we know, we realized that this new species, "- said Rasmussen.

The study, which resulted in the discovery of new species of birds, lasted about ten years. The team of scientists working in the Philippines, were ornithologists from the University of Michigan, research organizations such as Birdtour Asia and the Oriental Bird Club, and employees of the Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Philippines.

Rhode iglonogih owls has about 20 species, which live mostly in the jungles of Southeast Asia. One kind iglonogoy owls — Ninox scutulata — Lives in Russia's Far East.

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