In the river in Adygea all the fish have died. Photo


In the river in Adygea killed all the fish Photo: Victor Malashkin

2.12.11.Posle next rain Kamla river that flows through the hamlet Shevchenko Teuchezhsky district Adygea floated belly up all the fish.

Local sources say that the blame pig farm, they say, store the manure in it overflowed and faeces decided to take to the fields. After rain washed manure into the river.

— Yes, all this is nonsense. Just had severe frosts, Kamla was covered with ice and the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen, — say in the company.

— Rivers have often covered with ice, but never because of this fish do not float belly-up — says ecologist Ivan Perhulin Kuban. — So livestock die because of the weather could not have, but only after a change in water chemistry.

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Source: KP.RU — Krasnodar

Local pig farm blamed for the death of fish
Photo: Victor Malashkin
After another rain fish floated belly up
Photo: Victor Malashkin
In the river Kamla all the fish have died
Photo: Victor Malashkin

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