In the river near Belgorod Razumenko killed fish


* 8/19/11 * 18 August, around 16:00 pm in the river near the fault-collector Razumenko municipal treatment plants found about 100 pounds of dead fish.

This was stated by the head of the Department of Municipal Economy Belgorod Yuri Nikulin.Po to head the department, danger to residents there. Now experts are trying to find out the reason why there was a sea of fish.

"Today, early to make conclusions about who was responsible for the death of fish. But there are a number of circumstances which indicate that it is not to blame for the death of fish water channel ", — said Yuri Nikulin.

In support of this, he noted that the treatment plant is not killed the bacteria involved in the purification of water, and it means that the fault-collector receives purified water. Yuri Nikulin added that investigators found a dead fish in the 50 meters upstream of the reservoir, which also points to innocence water utility to its demise.

Head of Urban Belgorod said that investigators and the police found near the site of release of water two open manhole and traces car pulls up, which may indicate a malicious intent. Yuri Nikulin asked potential witnesses dumping any substance into the sewer (fishermen, tourists, local residents) to report this to the police. According to the Head of Department, within five days, the experts carry out all the necessary tests and to draw conclusions on the causes of the plague of fish.

Vadim Kumeyko

Source: IA "Bel.Ru"

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