In the seaside village of vymerayut birds and insects


In the village of Primorye extinct birds and insects Photo: from the site

12.10.11.V village Chkalovsky rayonanynche Spassky, as in the famous song, where the birds sing and the trees do not grow.

Local residents are already sounding the alarm — in the village povymirali insects and birds. Not fly flies, mosquitoes, and pigeons and sparrows One dead lying in the street. To all of this in the gardens on the leaves of plants appeared strange spots.

— Residents of the village do not understand what's going on, so turned to us — said senior researcher Freshwater Hydrobiology BPI FEBRAS Tatiana Vshivkova. — Their treatment we reviewed today at a meeting of the Coordinating Council on Environmental Problems of Primorsky Krai.

In order to understand the local man-made disaster, the experts decided to send requests to the sanitary epidemiological station, as well as in Primgidromet.

—  Authorities which are monitoring the environment should go to the place, to select appropriate tests to examine them in the laboratory spetsialnooborudovannoy — says Vshivkova.

Meanwhile, in the village Chkalovsky lives up to 2 thousand. Here and cement plant works. But locals claim: enterprise to mora insects and birds has nothing to do, they say, this plant has been operating for many years, and the same problem faced by the population for the first time.

— Now it is difficult to say anything definite, perhaps it is because of acid rain or something. In any case, it is necessary to leave the place and understand — said Tatiana Vshivkova.


Source: KP.RU — Vladivostok

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