In the South Urals are looking unseen beast


27.05.11.Zagadochnoe incident shocked Kopeysk. At night, at two sites in the private sector were killed, more than 60 rabbits. Since cells disrupted loop torn steel bars. Pet owners claim that wielded unprecedented beast. According to descriptions like Chupacabra. Scientific evidence of its existence there, but the legend of the monster go to America, Ukraine, and now the South Urals.

Neighbors and Glukhovo Lobyni wondering what kind of animal made a brutal massacre on their sites. Unknown animal choked about 60 rabbits. In one of the families miraculously survived a couple of young and female with the male, the second — only the lifeless carcass.

First, the owners thought it was a hungry dog. But, surprisingly, not a single drop of blood shed, their carcasses every single place. The most spirited female entered into an unequal battle with the intruder. Apparently, the rabbit long time to give up and pull out a tuft of wool mysterious monster.

"What a tremendous strength. All cells bent, broke, all lies, all scattered, "- says a resident Tamara Kopeysk Lobynya.

Nina several times heard of such atrocities in America. In Colombia, Mexico and the southern United States is known for the legend of the chupacabra, a certain monster that kills livestock. No one saw him alive, but the photo found on the Internet, with a description of the South Ural converge beast: a small, similar to the rat, the hind legs are large, and the front small.

According to the owner, the monster was nearly silent. Strange sounds woke spouses Glukhov. The family looked possession, but did not see anything suspicious. Even the guard dog kept quiet, as if nothing had heard. This is not the first in the Southern Urals, when an unknown creature brutally kills animals. Find him guilty — is unknown.


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