In the Tver region 500 people passed the fingerprint


2.10.12.V Tver region 500 "left" their fingerprints to the state. Reported by the FMS site in Tver region. In Russia, this procedure is only voluntary, is the result of the will of citizens of the Russian Federation and is held on their written request.

Special attention should be given to the categories of persons who, because of health reasons can not give their details, address of residence, do not forget about the "difficult" teenagers. Fingerprinting data of citizens is necessary.

Voluntary fingerprinting citizens of the Russian Federation is completely free and takes only a few minutes. By the way, in the Tver region public service is already used by more than 500 people.

For the passage of a voluntary fingerprinting Russian citizens should contact the regional unit of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Tver region of residence, where the need to issue the application form, as is necessary to have a passport, and for children under 14 years of age — birth certificate.

Fingerprinting for disabled citizens need proof of their disability. Guardians or trustees also present their passport and a certificate of guardianship or trusteeship.

Are completely unfounded fears of illegal use of personal data of citizens. Information comprising fingerprint information stored behind lock and key.

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