In the U.S., light aircraft crash


MOSCOW, March 8 — Reuters. Light aircraft crashed, hitting a snow storm in Maine in the eastern U.S., one person was killed, another one on board the aircraft was injured, said on Tuesday the Associated Press.

Private plane model Diamond DA-40 flew in Monday evening from Quebec towards airport in Maine. The tragedy is likely to happen when the plane was returning to Canada, hitting the snow cyclone on the border.

The aircraft, carrying the two men fell in the county of Somerset (Somerset County), the representative of the Department of Civil Aviation Safety Aircraft Services Steve McCausland (Steve McCausland).

According to him, last post pilot land managers concerned icing aircraft.

Canadian rescue helicopter brought the victim to a hospital in Canada.

In late February, the northeast United States, including the states of Maine and Ohio, struck a snow cyclone. Bad weather has caused many kilometers of traffic jams, canceled flights at the airport. One person was killed and several were injured in different road accidents.

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