In the valley of the Amazon discovered unknown crater

A few years ago, scientists had conducted the expedition in Bolivia, the purpose of which was to find the crater after the fall of the asteroid.

But the study was halted, as local residents demanded for holding to their one million dollars! As the resource base of the project was only 20,000, began long negotiations. As a result, the Indians as compensation received $ 500, 200 batteries and 500 rounds of ammunition.

This incident took from researchers for a week. After that, the rains came, and the expedition stopped at all. But this year, scientists returned to research. So what's so interesting about this crater, he deserved so much attention?

And this crater was formed about 25,000 years ago from the asteroid «Ittura Lde». Its diameter is 15 km away! Its depth of 170 m That's the trick! Such strange settings do not fit any space body. And even if the diameter is less corresponds to the depth makes one wonder about the true origin of the crater.

Now the main goal of scientists — to collect enough material. If it was an asteroid, then during the fall portion of the Amazonian land a thickness of about 3 km should have been up in the air, and then settle back. Proof of this will be strange debris or stones that do not fit into this area.

To look for them to be recruited several local residents, because the jungle — is a solid trap. And for such a long period of hard to find pieces, not overgrown with wild plants. So far, the expedition has produced no results, but we hope that scientists will be able to approach the mystery of cosmic crater in Bolivia.

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