In the Volga caught huge piranha. Photo


Photo from: Nikolaevsk.NET

25.07.11.Na Nicholas coast July 24, 2011 at p. Piranha caught in the Volga, its size has reached about thirty centimeters, it is rather the adult fish.

With the huge teeth, like a human, but very sharp. This exotic fish found (rather dated) in South America in the Amazon River.

The hero of this catch was Mushtaev Edward, that he caught her in the flooded suburb of Old Bank Nikolayev, where nearby is the unofficial city beach.
This catch was reported to the regional center, is now expected to arrive on July 25 a group of biologists (ichthyology) from the city of Volgograd.

Now you want to swim, and do not want to swim.
For more information, you will learn in a few days, on our website, as well as in the local newspaper Kompas. Well, maybe on TV

Photo from: Nikolaevsk.NET

Source: Nikolaevsk.NET 

25.07.11.Yuzhnoamerikanskaya predator got into the Volga. Exotic fish caught near the coast on the eve of the Old flooded suburb of Mykolayiv. Not far away, by the way, is the city beach.

That is where Edward Mushtaev came fishing. Imagine his surprise when, instead of the usual carp he caught a giant piranha. Big fish in the 30 inch size with huge sharp teeth immediately gathered around her curious townspeople.

Today, the city has come a group of ichthyologists, which will examine the unusual catch and find out how piranhas got in Volgograd reservoir. As the portal Nikolaevsk, experts also check where the predator was caught, to find out if there are any of her relatives, and how dangerous it is to swim at this beach.

"Four years ago we had a similar case — then a fisherman caught a piranha in the river Akhtuba the Volga. Appear in our waters, these predators can only help the person. Many take little piranhas in home aquariums. But when they grow up, they eat a lot, and most of all, the owner decided to release it into the river. While the heat, she may live with us, but with the onset of cold tropical guest would still have died. For people piranha can be dangerous when they are in the pack, one big fish is unlikely to attack humans. Also in the water for her, and without enough food, — said the chief ichthyologist FSBI "Nizhnevolzhrybvod" writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

These predatory fish living in rivers and lakes of South America in the Amazon River. They reach a length of 30 inches and weigh up to a kilogram. Piranhas — one of the most voracious fish. Your teeth, it can easily eat a stick or finger. There are cases when a person because of this predator was losing some of the parts of the body.

Recall: in early May, a fisherman caught a giant piranha weighing 2.4 kilograms in Salt Lake under Bataisk, writes portal Then the "trophy" taken for examination staff Azov Research Institute of Fisheries and concluded that the piranha was grown under natural conditions is not likely to be let out of the tank. The local population was panic over the possible breeding caught piranha in Salt Lake, which attracts a swim with the whole area. However, local authorities have officially declared that you can swim in the lake.


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