In Tuapse fishermen caught a piranha


29.07.11.Rybka with predatory sharp teeth — piranhas, appeared in an ordinary apartment in Tuapse Calarasi after fishing. Its packed and left stored in the refrigerator.

— Fish, extended out of the water, playing in red and frightened predatory grin, — said Olga Sokrava — it's her husband brought from fishing toothy predator. — In general I would like to know where she swam for us?

Underwater predator, reaching a length of 30 centimeters, able to bones gnawed their prey in a matter of minutes, lives in fresh water in South America. The most famous place to live piranhas — the Amazon River. But the recent "News" wrote that the fishermen caught a piranha in Polish rivers and lakes. Maybe they were released from the aquarium enthusiasts. Scientists believe that fish for southern winter — a devastating time, so the dangers of the "underwater shark" can be expected. But caution is necessary to show.

Source: The newspaper "Tuapse News"

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