In Tuva, wolves killed a sheep for the night 98


Gorno-Altai, February 7. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass theme /. In Tuva declared mass hunting of wolves. Most extensive roundup will Kyzyl area where the last time there was the largest number of attacks wolf packs to home monastery and shepherds parking.

Sporadic shooting predators have with the cold weather, the results gave a little: the deep snow especially in mountainous terrain does not pass a single, unaccompanied ATVs, Jaeger transport. Republic had to mobilize resources to establish the number and location of wolf packs, the concentration in the most dangerous areas of fuel reserves and hunting teams.

Annually wolves harm livestock Tuva more than $ 10 million. Frequent and cases predator attacks on humans. Republican State Committee for hunting appealed to all the shepherds and breeders with a call to be attentive, vigilant, carefully guard the flock, not to leave them unattended. If you find the wolves to report promptly to rayupravy agriculture.

The current battue hunting organized after Ondum in the town at the foot of the Kara-Kozhagar wolves killed a sheep 98 per night. The raid lasted less than an hour. Shepherd Oskalmy Mongush morning found 78 animal carcasses. Similar cases have occurred in Soumont Bayan-Kol and Eerbek, Tass reported today at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

In aggressive predators these days ends rut and need to make up for the loss of energy. To attacks on their cattle pushed hunger and 40 degrees of frost. The sharp increase in the number of wolves in Tuva was after a ban on the use of poison in combat. The authorities of the Republic organized seminars for volchatnikov, conducted raids to 7000 rubles increased Remuneration for the skin of a wolf. Despite the fact that destroyed many times more wolves than in previous years, the number of gray predators remains high. Experts stress the need to return to the use of poisons, which were banned in the whole of Russia.

In Tuva, most wolves compared to other regions of Russia — about three thousand. Over the past year, they pulled up 4.5 thousand horses, deer, yaks, sheep and goats. The country is now more than one hundred teams to shoot predators. Available in five hundred hunters vseprohodimoy 70 units of vehicles. In 2011, the combined forces managed to destroy 700 wolves against 440 the previous year. But a proper standard of shooting predators — up to 1 thousand annually.


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