In Volgograd, the hurricane knocked trees and tore the roof


Wind is already raging in Volgograd for three days Photo: from the archives of "KP"

23.06.11.Silny wind storms in Volgograd, the third day. The hurricane continued to cut down trees and tearing roofs. On Thursday Volgograd rescuers went five times to remove so badly element.

The first call received about two hours of the day. In Krasnooktyabrsky area outside Deputatskaya emergency sheet of iron fell from the roof of the house number 11a and stuck between 9 and 10 floors. Fearing that it might fall on the heads of passers-by, residents called the emergency services.

The following message has been received at 7pm. To red at the "Palace of Sport" in the wind tree snapped and fell onto tram wires. Consequences eliminated emergency team grids.

A little later, a similar call was from the Dzerzhinsky district. There's an emergency tree fell on the entrance canopy and the wires in the yard number 61 on the astronaut. Emergency rescue workers fenced plot, with aerial cut down the tree.

Here in the Dzerzhinsk region outside Sheksna happened another emergency — the branch broke off and threatened to fall to the pavement. This has already happened in half of the ninth evening. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the municipal service of salvation in Volgograd, in all these cases, no one was hurt.

Catherine SIMOHINA

Source: KP.RU — Volgograd

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