In Zlatoust in the 20-degree cold burn peat


18.01.11.Unikalny fire in Zlatoust in spite of the 20-degree cold and snow near the village Orlovka Novozlatoust area in the Chelyabinsk region smoldering peat. As reported «URA.Ru» the press service of the city administration, because of the dry summer turf failed to completely extinguish — even had problems with drinking water.

Local residents are sounding the alarm. "The cause of fire is that some of the" poor "people in the cottage Orlovka dug themselves ponds and lakes, where Glass all groundwater from the surrounding forests. If not immediately release the water from these ponds and not bury them underground, in the spring of the city facing an environmental disaster. Melting snow will not help, given the magnitude of fire "- writes in his blog," Live Journal "teacher of Chrysostom Marina Belova.
City officials deny this fear: their own ponds in Orlovka no one has since dug pool in peat not likely to swamp drained 20 years ago during the construction of a cottage village. "Now experts sawing wood burning in the summer, and then will take out of the territory. This will prevent fires in the spring, "- said representatives of the town hall.

Honey so remember that this is the second natural fire that occurred this winter in the Chelyabinsk region. In the New Year holidays in Sosnovskoye suddenly caught fire near forest by 24 kilometer route Chelyabinsk — Moscow.

Sergey Leonov


Broadcaster ITV

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