Indonesia is filled with water


27.05.11.Regionalnoe Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) reports — a record number of floods recorded in three rural areas of Indonesia.

According to their reports several villages were flooded, fortunately they were no casualties, but the homes of local residents were under water for a long time. Now water is gradually receding.

Samarinda city, located in the province of East Kalimantan and a half hour after the shower was under water. Because of the inability of the vehicles formed multiple plugs. The water comes up, adults, to their knees. According to people flooding occurred due to siltation of the ditch at the intersection of the three channels.

Also, 186 families have been victims of the floods in the village Mungiu, 140 in the village of Parang and 106 in the village Tumpok.

Greatly across the province affected rice fields. In Aceh were flooded 300 hectares of fields that locals just planted rice, the spokesman added BPBD.

In a catastrophic situation is hundreds of homes on Bango Road in South Jakarta, they are immersed one meter under water. Local officials are engaged in finding out why the water level has not decreased.
In the area of Bekasi seven primary schools are flooded after heavy rain, which began on May 25. The water level in the classes up to 40 centimeters. However, children were not allowed to return home, because every day at school passed exams.

One of the fifth graders told about the flooding that occurred in his school. "I want to go home, my feet are cold," he said, bringing soaking wet shoes.

Fortunately today, the children were transferred to another school, in which all classes are filled with water.

Head teacher expressed his disappointment that the local authorities were not prepared for floods and took no action.

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