Interview. Roman Vilfand: Temperature above normal in Moscow

January 31, 2013. Temperature in Moscow in the coming days will tend to zero. About how much will last thaw and what other surprises weather is expected in the near future, in an interview to "Russia 24" said the head of the Roman Vilfand Rosgidromettsentra.

According Vilfand, the current thaw — absolutely not typical, as the climate norm by 31 January and 1 February — the coldest days of the year.

February 1, according to Roman Vilfand temperature will rise to £ 2 …? 4 degrees at night, the area is possible to thaw one degree. This weather will last a few days. Approximately 3-4 February to Moscow approach atmospheric front. It will bring increased snowfall (it is expected that the fall of about 10 mm), high wind and storm.

High unseasonably temperature will last until the end of the first decade of February. In the rest of the month the weather will be uneven, periods of warming and cooling will be rotated.

Temperature above normal now is not just in the Central Region. Heat and southern Russia — for example, in Sochi possible thaw to +15 degrees. In the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the contrary, very coldly at typical for this time of year? 40 ° there will be about £ 50 °.

Source: Lead

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