Invasion of the flies in Chebarkul. Video


17.08.11.Chebarkul suffer from the invasion of flies. Annoying insects have invaded your city.

On the shelves are swept insect sprays and sticky tape. The City Administration has a version — who is responsible for the unprecedented multiplication of insects — is one of the local businesses. But its leaders are trying to distance itself from accusations.

Nina Shakhmatova not part with homemade fly swatter from the newspaper. For an hour this way, it gets rid of the fifty flies. Purchase commercial cracker is now virtually impossible — this product has become scarce. "I always open every summer and a fly was not, in the same year, just a flood", — complains resident Chebarkul.

Abundance of flies, potential carriers of typhoid and cholera, are concerned about the local administration. There, one of the possible culprits distress call local poultry farm. Elena Pantyavina, Head of Environmental Protection Administration Chebarkul, said: "Presumably the source from which may be a large number of flies — it's sewage treatment plant, because there mylovye site and pometohranilische."

However, his involvement in the company, "Fly the case" denied. Representatives claim the factory complies with all health standards. "To say that it is our Chebarkulsky flies with birds, you can not. Flies all 80,000 species. We spend a large amount of drugs against flies, "- said the representative of the poultry Yuri Zasypkin.

The insects are not bred and further management of the company was obliged to produce more thorough daily processing facilities. The Administrative Commission took the matter under control. Chapter Chebarkulsky urban district Andrei Orlov said: "There will be daily monitor and report on the number of treated areas will be imposed for non-compliance penalty."

It is hoped that the number of flies will soon fall. Not only because of the measures taken, but because of autumn cold.
Andrew tear, Oleg Shcherbakov

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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