Irony of Fate, or Enjoy fright

Irony of Fate, or Enjoy fright
On the eve of the Jewish New Year South American and Israeli military had not been warned about missile launches even their own people

«The most striking fact in the launch of ballistic missiles distant radius acts of central Mediterranean Sea in the eastern part lies in the fact that the first and the Israelis and the Americans and the British announced their own complete ignorance» — this view correspondent «RG» ; expressed a retired colonel Yaniv Rochow, for many years worked in the research department of the Ministry of Defense of Israel.

«In this case, — continues the idea Rochow — referred to the launch of ballistic missiles distant radius acts actually intercontinental means of delivery charges of any type, and it is clear that the bungling, nesrabotannost all services, both military and civilian could cost you dearly! «

How similar confusion in principle could occur if the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) conducted its own air defense exercises with South American servicemen? No hesitation that the missiles «Arrow-2» («Strela-2») and «Arrow-3», the launch of which was recorded Russian system of early warning in Armavir, were produced in Israel and is in service with the IDF. Lt. Col. Mark Babut supplies (by the way, a native Russian Union), speaking on the air Israeli Russian TV channel 9, I saw that about future joint exercises Israeli and American military has been notified and command of the English fleet in the Mediterranean. But then not at all clear why the British pretended that the launch of Israeli missiles they had nothing right?

Irresponsibility, stupidity, negligence and absurdity, multiplied by a thousand-fold risk of incident, is also that of the first run held Israeli intercontinental missiles after Russians said no military, Israeli or South American, journalist and radio station «Kol Yisrael» Carmela Menashe, nicknamed «vsesuschey.» Right behind her confirmed this information Channel 10 Israel TV. And then the Israeli command «recalled» that the IDF, «appears», conducted joint exercises with the Yankees.

Analysts continue to write about the possible impact on the South American and Syria in this regard recall frequent errors of the military command of the United States. So, in an editorial, «Haaretz» states: «South American military strategy has always meant sudden moves and turns. From time to time the wrong deeds led to the fact that the military operation has brought even greater harm than good. This is particularly topical in the situation when it comes to civilian war. » According to the views of retired Colonel Yaniv Rochow not notice the countries possessing nuclear weapon on the exercise in which anticipated launch intercontinental missiles — a severe error.

Lt. Col. Mark Babut spoke recently of the New Year 5775, the first day which falls on September 5. Babut, namely, said: «Not every explosion — attack from time to time is the fireworks.» But in this case the fireworks failed.


In an interview to Channel One deputy defense minister Anatoly Antonov said that in 1988 our motherland and the United States signed an agreement on the notice of missile launches. Commenting on the actions in the Mediterranean, Antonov said that they make trouble in one way or another country.

— Pay attention where it occurs, in what direction the missile flew — she went to the eastern direction, in other words in the direction of, — Deputy Defense allocated. — Mediterranean — is there now a different region, more stuffed with weapons and explosive?

I do not fully understand, as it is now possible to play with a gun, with missiles in the region.

Prepared Yuri Gavrilov


Western politicians are not given detailed comments on the launch of rockets, limiting assurances that Tipo «in no way associated with the planned U.S. military action in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Situation commented Aaron David Miller — Deputy Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center, which provides consulting services on issues of snow-white house Near East: «Nobody spends missile tests in such conditions that prevailed in the region, not realizing that it will be interpreted as a specific signal. Israelis do not like being on the sidelines, especially when it comes to safety. «

Bloomberg agency regarded the actions of Israel, not as an «ordinary tests, as a demonstration of willingness to use a weapon to protect their own interests.»

The creators of South American edition of Los Angeles Times Edward Sanders and Sergei Loiko in his own publication noted that «produced without notice preparatory test reinforced the highest voltage in the region, pending missile attack on Syria by the United States. Subsequent to the initial stage failure of American and Israeli military has generated more questions and hesitations. Our homeland was the first who gave the information about the start, falling objects in the waters of the Mediterranean. The newspaper also quoted the Russian military professional Igor Korotchenko called «missile launches in a critical moment so irresponsible.»

From the fact that the US-Israeli tests helped exacerbate the situation in the region, agrees and created The New York Times Jodi Rudoren. British The Telegraph notes that «only after reports from Russia and the subsequent reaction in the Middle East, Israel and the United States were required to give international society explanation for a missile launch.»

About explosive situation indicates tongued and market reaction in which the participants interpreted the message as a signal about the U.S. missile attack on Syria: Russian Defense Ministry as spotted in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea 2-launch ballistic targets in an easterly direction, the indices on the stock markets went down, and prices oil, by contrast, moved upwards.

Prepared by Igor Dunaevsky


Anatoly Kornukov, General of the Army, Air Force Commander ex-RF:

— I think that the main purpose of launching had a show of force, less. Fired in pure white light as a lot of money — that’s all. But after volley may be away. From the perspective of system test missile launch area is not the best. Their plenty of places to test the system, including, as they say, close to home. It was purely precautionary volley — say, keep in mind, we here, we can …

Syrians may be following this case. But I do not think they kerf in response to the power of his technique. Not because they are unintelligent. Found missiles carried them alerted the desired capabilities. And when beheld that the missiles are falling — all turned off. No severe danger to Syria These launches are not represented. Figuratively speaking, Americans tapped the table shook their muscles.

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies:

— Quite evident that these tests are not case occurred at this point and that they are not carried out without the blessing and even forcing the U.S.. After the end of «cool» War has become a trend when there is some tension in the region, there is general or cancel military exercises and missile launches, or about this intrigued inform all parties. What test instruments in the Mediterranean was secretly cooperated, means only one thing: a test missile defense system Israel task was to see how it would react to Syria and our homeland.

Essentially missile launches have shown that Israel is not one hundred percent independent state. In the military and military-technical matters, he is one hundred percent in dependence on the U.S.. Therefore impose that the Israelis are savvy enough not to get involved in the Syrian adventure, is not necessary. While saying that the authorities in Tel Aviv even more profitable, that Assad remained in power. They know very well what to expect from him, his entourage Israelis probably have their own agents. If Assad will take place Islamists, they are the least predictable at times. And most importantly, unlike today Syrian favorite, these people are capable of anything. As a result, Israel’s security will fall sharply. Because if the Israelis were quite independent, they would apply to Assad, itself a little, not positive and not negative. Quite clear that their hostility to the current Syrian regime — the result of U.S. pressure.

Misha Barshchevskii, plenipotentiary representative of the Russian government in the highest courts of the Russian Federation:

— In the Russian Federation to the United States, as I know there is a contract for notification of launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Respective agreements between Moscow and Washington on ballistic missiles, in my opinion, does not exist. From Israel we do not have them exactly. In other words, no legal obligations nobody violated. But since the question of missile launches in a rather «hot» region, even though Israel has the right to test their defense, no one would have suffered if NATO was clear about these launches would be advised Our homeland. As the situation remained tense for several hours and incomprehensible. To improve the international climate is obviously not helpful.

Zakhar Gelman

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