Is dangerous to live? You can fall into the ground

Karst holes

In place of the failure of the pond now

21.09.11.Derevnya Lievens located in close proximity (a few kilometers from Skuratov), the city of Tula, refers to the rural settlement Ilinskoe Leninsky district. Postal Code: 301109. This is the place — it is known that 30 years ago, close to the village there was an accident: a wood into thin — karst failure swallowed half a hectare of land with growing on her century-old oak trees.

Now, the failure of the pond, where the summer come to relax and bathe residents. On the bank even has a homemade diving board into the water, between two trees nailed sticks, and get a ladder. You can dive without fear, as the depth of the failure of about fifty meters.

Still, at this point you feel uncomfortable, it seems that at any time can take land from under their feet, and you'll find yourself under, at that depth, that there is no escape.

In the area of the village Lievens not build houses and cottages — risk failure still remains, around underground coal mines, but residents who live in this village and others nearby, there's nowhere to go, can not sell the house because no one else wanted to live in such a terrible place. Who could, he left this place immediately after the event of failure, the remaining hope is that this disaster will not be repeated here anymore.

Currently there are no working mines, but until you get to the Lievens, street names and cities speak for themselves: in Miner Street Skuratov, pos. Miner …

Source: TulaKlub

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