Israel and Palestine snowed in Lebanon and Turkey — Flooding

January 10, 2013. The bad weather that came down on Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey called meteorologists, the strongest over the past 20 years and has already killed at least 17 people.

The Israeli authorities due to heavy snowfall and floods have canceled classes in schools and kindergartens closed in Jerusalem, Hadera, on the Golan Heights, Safed in Galilee. Snow even fell in the Negev desert, reports NEWSru Israel.

To the rescue only 9 January enlisted the help of more than 500 people. The gale, reaching speeds of over 120 km / h, felled hundreds of trees, broke off the wire.

Snow cover in Jerusalem and mountainous areas of the country will continue, at least until January 11. In the coming days is expected to gradually warming.

The classes are canceled and the West Bank of the Jordan River, but there it is done because of the floods.

Only in the last day in Jerusalem has fallen from 10 to 15 cm of snow. Due to icing police blocked the highway Jerusalem-Tel Aviv. The city is paralyzed public transport. Residents are asked not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

Snowfalls are raging in several regions of Syria. The snow cover there in some areas up to a meter.

In Turkey, heavy snow in central, eastern and south-eastern areas cut off from the world of hundreds of villages. The temperature dropped to minus seven degrees. In Istanbul, closed schools, canceled hundreds of flights, intermittently running public transport. Discontinued shipping along the Bosphorus.

And in the Jordanian capital, Amman, then go Torrential rains, that snow. Closed schools, government agencies. Many of the roads in the country are covered. In some areas, the snow cover has increased over the day and 20 inches, and the temperature dropped below zero, that this subtropical region has an exceptional occurrence.

In Lebanon, for several days does not stop the strongest hurricane. The country has closed all major roads, schools do not work. Heavy snow caused severe flooding — flooding some areas of Beirut.

As previously wrote Editor in chief, more January 8 Tel Aviv has suffered from severe flooding. Because of the rains the water flooded the road. In some places it on the highway level reached 40 centimeters.






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In the Middle East, the situation has become more complicated with the flood

It is learned that during the floods that occurred in the West Bank in the Palestinian city of Jenin, killed two women. They drowned when they tried to leave their own car that took down a powerful stream of water. The driver of the car was taken to hospital in serious condition. Due to the rising level of water in the Gaza Strip, thousands of homes were left without electricity. There declared evacuation.

The streets of the capital city of Amman blocked by fallen snow. Snow cover height of 30 cm long was not in the main city of Jordan. Hard to have 50 thousand Syrians living in refugee camps in the northern desert area, owned by Palestine. There podtopilo about 200 tents, which forced women with young children looking for a new shelter. These needs have to provide a tent which housed the school.

As reported by weather forecasters at the camp struck about 700 mm of rainfall, and wind speed during storms greater than 70km / h Fighting the flood arose, and in the suburbs of Beirut. In the mountainous regions of Lebanon at an altitude of 200 meters there were heavy snowfalls (up to 100 mm of snow), and the rain has not stopped.

In neighboring Israel, bad weather caused the injuries 10 people. For the evacuation of some areas needed helicopters and boats. Due to bad weather and zero visibility hampered movement through the Suez Canal, where traffic flow was halved. 10 fishermen from Egypt reported missing in the seas of the Mediterranean. Egyptian ports of Alexandria and Dahila temporarily closed city in the Nile Delta have experienced problems with the electricity supply. Only in the Middle East due to the recent weather anomalies killed at least 11 man, six of them were residents of Lebanon, killed by frost or in an accident.



Snowfall reached Istanbul and Athens, Tel Aviv — the flood

January 9, 2013. Some areas in South-Eastern Europe have an unusual form: here come winter. In Athens, the Acropolis above the snow whirls in Istanbul dropped a lot of snow, schools have canceled classes due to winter weather, according to news reports.

Roofs and roads are covered with snow in Istanbul on Tuesday 8 January there were heavy snowfalls. According to reports, the airline Turkish Airlines has canceled 49 flights. In the Black Sea region of Turkey and Eastern Anatolia, about a hundred villages have been cut off from the outside world because of the deep snow has fallen.

The remains of the cold from Eastern Europe also reached Greece. In Athens, where the snow falls every few years, the snow has melted, but the temperature is low — about 3 degrees Celsius.

Volunteers and police officers of the municipality distribute homeless warming drinks, blankets and sleeping bags. Due to the economic crisis in Greece, thousands of people were left homeless. Many schools due to cold weather were closed on Tuesday.

On the island of Crete mountain areas near the town of Rethymno, visited by tourists, were covered with snow, according to news reports. Snowfall also took place on the island of Lesvos, Chios and Naxos in the Aegean Sea.

In Israel, people have to deal with the effects of heavy rains: in Tel Aviv flood. The main town of the capital Ayalon highway was completely blocked on Tuesday. Also over the weekend, some Middle East countries hit by winter storms.

Source: The Epoch Times


Natural disasters have on the strength of the inhabitants of the Middle East

January 10, 2013. The vagaries of nature suffer Middle Easterners. Israel, Palestine and Jordan are experiencing the strongest floods. In the highlands of flood waters washed away entire villages. In the other areas — heavy snowfalls. In some places the height drifts more than a meter — this was never here.

Abnormal Middle Eastern winter turned to Israeli cities are a major water. Flooded hundreds of homes across the country. Thousands remain without electricity because of flooded substations. Left out of the banks of the blocking major highways, such as Tel Aviv Ayalon — in fact, the main car denouement of the city. With intermittent running and rail transport.

Quay of Tel Aviv empty. Mediterranean storms fourth day. Waves of up to 7 meters, squally wind, rain, and most importantly, the weather forecast before the week was poor.

Provide assistance to the victims, not only rescue, but the IDF. On the flooded homes of people evacuated by helicopter. Storm rips rooted trees and rips the roof. In Jerusalem today, as yesterday, the schools are closed. Instead, the lessons local children can play in the snow.

"I've never seen so much snow. It's an incredible feeling, "- says a resident of Jerusalem, Gal.

In the Palestinian city of Jenin victims of floods began nearly 30 students. Their bus was washed off the road rain flow. In saving children attended the Israeli infantry.

And yet no casualties in the West Bank of the Jordan River has not done: under Ramallah in the car sank two women. The total number of victims in the region has reached 17 people.

In the mountainous region of Lebanon Iqlim al-Harrub flood wiped out the Bedouin camp. Had fallen the day before the snow melts and fills with water mountain streams, turning them into large rivers. Under the impact of elements — the capital Beirut.

"The water just washed away our homes. We did not even really could not go anywhere — all around the flooded streets, "- says a resident of Beirut.

A similar picture in the Jordanian capital — Amman. Flooded homes and shops, cars, vainly trying to drive through the snow-covered streets. Accidents and drifts — in some areas, and the river on the empty roads — in others. On the border with Syria in the area of flooding was tented refugee camp, "Zaatari." People fleeing from war, escape from the disaster is nowhere.

"We were freezing and the heaters are not given. They say, from-for it can ignite the tent. What do we do? That night, we woke up from the cold, and our tents were in the water, "- says a resident of a refugee camp, Adnan.

In Syria itself — unprecedented at the edges of the drifts. In the vicinity of Damascus, the thickness of the snow cover is close to the meter. Snowfall continues.

Because of the strong snowstorm in Turkey closed the Bosphorus. Delayed or canceled more than 100 flights, "Turkish Airlines". Stir in some areas of Istanbul paralyzed. In this weather, only tourists from northern countries feel at home. And local fishermen are counting on a big catch.

"Always when there is a snow, no matter how cold it was, we come here with fishing rods. In this weather, biting mad. For us, the snow — it's good ", — says the fisherman Senol Ipek.

Expect substantial improvement is not necessary. In the coming days, forecasters predict heavy rainfall throughout the region.

Source: The first channel

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