Israel: Mass death of fish in the Yarkon River



27.09.11.V Monday, September 26, at the station "Sheva Tahanot" ("Seven Mills"), on the banks of the Yarkon River holidaymakers watched as the water surface float hundreds of fish, gulping air.

One of the readers of the newspaper "Maariv" reported to the editor, that a few hundred meters from the park "seven mills," Yarkon was "just white" on the dead fish. According to experts, an environmental disaster led the first autumn rains at the end of last week.

According to ecologist Jonathan Raza, an employee of the Office of the Yarkon River, the first autumn rain, which so pleased the Israelis took away all the "dirty city" in the river. Wastewater brought in Yarkon waste oil: petrol, diesel, fuel oil, and household waste. Because of the chemicals entering the river dramatically reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, leading to a mora fish.

According to the ecologist, the first rains in the world lead to the deterioration of water sources. However, in Israel the situation is exacerbated by the long and hot summer, during which the accumulated layer of oil on the car parks and roads. The first showers of rain washes away a layer of dirt to asphalt and waste water fall into a pond.

Source: — Israel News

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