It seems that domestic broiler finally trampled infamous Bush legs

In 2012, the share of imported chicken meat in the domestic market accounted for 10%. Rosptitsevodstvo announced the results of 2012: the share of imported chicken meat in the domestic market accounted for only 10%. It seems that domestic broiler finally trampled infamous "Bush legs". The prices of poultry meat does not grow, says "Labor. " 

Last year, Russia produced 3.58 million tons of chicken meat, although predicted only 3.3 million tons. The share of domestic producers on the Russian market exceeded 90%. In this case, the doctrine of the Russian Federation Food Programme aims to achieve this figure only in 2020. It turned out much earlier, because investors do not have to persuade. Expected to attract 170 billion rubles industry, but in reality the investment program of public-private partnerships have already reached a quarter of a trillion.

However, the domestic market is not saturated. The World Health Organization estimates that an acceptable level of consumption of chicken meat is 30 kg per person per year. Per capita consumption of poultry meat in Russia is still only 25 kg. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation approved the "Program Poultry Development for 2013-2015" provides for the growth of chicken meat production to 4 million tonnes in 2 years.

However, for this to new poultry complexes will have to invest at least another 260 billion rubles.

"The successes of the past year were due to good conditions in the I half-year. However, the summer drought has led to a sharp rise in grain prices and, as a consequence, feed. After Russia's accession to the WTO on cheap imported meat plants flooded stuffing. Our producers had to reduce selling prices by 15% or more. As a result, factory farming is now teetering on the verge of profitability. Fortunately, I talked to the growers, and they give a favorable forecast for the harvest, so that we will have a chance to fall to lower costs. And the government does not forget — provides subsidies. Therefore, we believe it is real in 2015 to launch production of 4,000,000 tons of chicken meat and forget "Bush legs" like a nightmare "- shared Galina Bobyleva, CEO of the Russian Poultry Union.

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