Japan babes know how to laugh in his sleep




Until recently, doctors believed that newborns can not laugh. It was thought that smiling baby — it's just an involuntary muscle contraction. But Japanese researchers have found that babies often laugh in his sleep a few weeks after birth.

According to "Gazeta" that newborns can laugh, said researchers from the University of the Sacred Heart and the Institute for the study of primates in Kyoto (Japan).

Previously, scientists believed that infants can not laugh and smile up to 4 months, but Japanese scientists have found that babies start to laugh 17 days after birth. Japanese scientists find is that they have shown the presence of emotion in babies almost immediately after birth. Doctors have found that infants begin to experience and show emotions much earlier than previously thought.

Together with parents, researchers recorded on video six infants aged 4 to 87 days during sleep. During filming laughing all children during sleep, some less, some more, but an average of from one to four times during the first two months of life.

Battery News, 20/04/2004 15:41
Source: Gzt.ru

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