JAPAN throws in Okinawa COMPLEXES PATRIOT — Shot down North Korean rocket

JAPAN throws in Okinawa COMPLEXES PATRIOT - Shot down North Korean rocket

December 2. Japan plans recently to throw on the southernmost peninsula of Okinawa Patriot missile systems to prepare for the probability of intercept missiles North Korea that Pyongyang wants to start in December this year. It is reported by ITAR-TASS referring to the Japanese media.
Position Patriot already delivered to the Navy base defense land of the rising sun in Hiroshima Prefecture, where they will transfer to Okinawa sea. As expected, the complexes will be deployed on the main peninsula of Okinawa, also adjacent islands over which the line will pass the rocket North Korea. Another battery will cover the Tokyo area. In the probable interception operations also perceive the role of several destroyers.
Recently the Minister of Defense of the Land of the Rising Sun Satoshi Morimoto ordered state defense forces until December 7 to prepare for intercepting missiles or its fragments in case they fall on the land of the rising sun terrain.
On Saturday, North Korea announced its intention to launch in the period from 10 to 22 December babymoon. Preceding the launch of the North Korean rocket «Ynha-3» («Milky Way-3») in April this year ended in failure. After about a minute after takeoff at an altitude of about 120 km rocket fell apart and fell into the sea Yellowish, 165 km west of Seoul. Then Japan is also considering the possibility to intercept North Korean missiles.

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