JSC Tupolev

"Flying the year.
Fly "TU" and open up the world to people.
And sent millionth passenger …
There is no limit!
All of the screw!
And the new liner
Disperse the cloud.
And if suddenly the hour
And once again the evil force against us
And would encroach on the sunshine
The country is ready to give a winged own answer "-
The lines of the official anthem of "Tupolev

I have already become a good tradition every summer to visit factories related to the aircraft industry. Now I walked unnoticed by the company name after the 1st of the most formidable aircraft designers XX century. — Andrei Tupolev.

01. In shop it was hard to get. And it was possible only through skyward. The photo service walker under the dome roof.

02. Having reached the end of workshop and quietly gone down, the first thing that we have seen in the light of the lanterns was aviation engine

03. The interior of the shop is divided by partitions into three parts, because this one was not, it was possible to play around with flashlights. And the noise of water dripping from the ceiling, after a rain, firmly camouflaged our steps.

04. "Snowmobile-Amphibian AS-2 — is off-ton established to transport passengers and cargo on snow, ice or water. This unique vehicle could be used for the particular challenges for transporting people and goods in the criteria for off-road and outdoor activities. Normal "auto" controls, efficient damping, along with the best in its class maneuverability and comfort, will get pleasure from traveling on snowmobile. When driving on snow surface rovnenky AS-2 reach speeds up to 90 km / h, measured by the water — up to 50 km / h "- the official website of JSC" Tupolev "

05. Create snowmobiles very long since been incorporated by the AN Tupolev. Already in 1924, were built ski-metal snowmobile ANT-IV.

06. The photo is likely layout, and not quite ready version.


07. Remote control for calibration shield flap. On the paper says, "do not start".

08. Aircraft engine company "Rolls — Royce".

09. In the night from 24 to 25 December 2010 from the Zhukovsky was brought a piece of the fuselage and cockpit TU-204, for the creation on its base simulator emergency rescue training flight and cabin staff Tu-204SM.

It appears in the photo just this piece.

10. Everyone must understand that to deny yourself the temptation to climb into the cockpit — I could not.

11. How unfortunate it did not sound, cabin apparently not yet finished.

12. For the fuselage was such a thing.

13. Visually similar to the pressure chamber, but I'm not so sure.

14. Inside.

15. The mechanism of control flaps.

16. Shield for calibration flap.


18. To run across to the panel for testing aircraft landing gear.

19. Wide-angle lens for shooting helped us very much.

20. Most large chassis shield. It is made of wood.


22. When you walk in the dark on bolshennomu shop, you can not see a lot of exciting. And we almost missed the cockpit. Not upset, look for the cab before I got into a gratifying svezhenaydennuyu hoping to sit behind the wheel of the real.

23. From the first sight I saw pinned, but then touching the button again I was disappointed. Cabin this — perfectly executed layout of wood.

[Real cabin]

24. Gauges — pasted pictures, buttons and levers all entirely out of wood. The only exceptions were the chair.

25. Even a notebook computer and the one made from blood relatives of Pinocchio.

26. Next to the mock-standing unknown to me and equipment closet with the drawings.

27. Given the fact that the JSC "Tupolev" by the middle of 2011 was due to a range of training facilities for the training of pilots to operate the TU-204SM, had a chance to look for a normal cab. And third time lucky.

28. Here it is.

29. Naturally, this training simulator, but apparently no longer a tree layout. Curiously programm simulation runs from the computer that the picture?

30.Esche one car.

31. The photo can be seen attached to the simulator screen.


33. Layout turbojet aircraft
motor. These engines are put on the TU-334.



36. This concludes the first day research workshop. But because we have inspected the only one third, decided after a while to go back and look at the rest.

37. During the second day we realized that time we will have not much and need to be as careful because the rest of the plant was no longer divided into a solid wall, and it was on duty watchman. Downstairs we came upon a rocking chair made by employees.

38. There was an impression that this part is non-operational. Everywhere is broken equipment.


40. The most fun was electro-beam facility ELU-24-8 made. NIAT

41. Setting overall, has three tiers and is no longer working.



44. The mechanism of this device is based on heating the workpieces in a vacuum electric highly concentrated beam. Changing the density of the electric ray and scan it in the space allow the creation of welding, welding, brazing, heat treatment and surface modification.

45. Apart from this setting, nothing exciting in the shop was not there and we moved towards the exit.

46. Immediately I warn you that I can easily make a mistake in the titles and their own conjectures about how or other device.

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