Kamenskie experts are trying to determine the nature of the unusual phenomenon




Kamenskie experts are trying to determine the cause of the unusual phenomenon: whether it was a UFO or someone falling pyrotechnic fun.

In the district of "Lenin" on April 13 at 21:30 there was a strong bang as an explosion. Located close to the schepkokarere blasting at the time thereof. Deputy head of the first branch Kamensky civil defense and emergency management Oleg Ushakov, who lives in the neighborhood, decided to see what was going on. In the forest belt for kindergarten, "Berry", he saw an unusual sparkling object. Making sure that it does not burst and citizens have no security threat, the rescuer returned home.

Meanwhile, during the examination room, where there was an unusual phenomenon, no traces of fire were found. The upper branches of trees are broken off. The constructor of the plant OCM Rudolph Mokrov whose hobby UFO research, intends to test the radiation background at this point. A similar phenomenon has recently been observed in Sasovo Ryazan region.


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