Karakumneft claimed the lives of thousands of marine animals


4.03.12.Uscherb by the oil spill from the tanker at the seaside "Karakumneft" appreciate scientists.
Official reports boldly state that a tanker with a registration Vladivostok "Karakumneft" dangerous cargo is pumped out, and marine life is not threatened. Ichthyologists have a different opinion. And March 2 in the area went Iturup research vessel SakhNIRO in place to conduct serious investigations of the situation after the oil spill.
Scientists will take in the Gulf Kuril soil samples, water and explore the marine animals that died after the crash. The site Rosrybolovstva reminded that local residents believe that the blame for the mass death of fish, octopus, sea cucumber and sea urchin began spilling diesel fuel from emergency ship.

Officially, overboard spilled about 300 tons of oil products:
— A local woman Oksana Vyatkina stores dead fish and shellfish in the fridge, waiting for scientists. Sea creatures cast ashore in large numbers, she says: "I crows and gulls there was a feast of seafood. We have never seen anything like it … "

Source: Newsline25

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