Karst lakes appear per night

Karst holes

16.09.11.Na Crimean plateau Karabi Yayla each year, 10-20 dips. When water flows into the crater, formed karst lakes. — Water is constantly eroding soft rocks.

Meter craters appear over night, — said Vasily caver Kramarenko 31. — Groundwater is washed at a depth of 5-6 meters pit and land collapses. Two years ago, the night heard a thud outside their tent. In the morning saw a gap depth of 4 meters.

In Crimea there craters 130-150 m Kramarenko down in the 80-meter. At the bottom of the skeleton seen sheep. — In such a failure is easy to fall, because the edges are overgrown with grass and weeds. Abyss permanently formed on the plateau Chatyrdag and Ai-Petri. Karst holes are most often near large rivers and on the shores of reservoirs.

— In 1993, on the banks of the Russian River Oka few days the ground sank eight acres of woodland, — says Roman Slusar Kiev Geologist, 61 years. — In Ukraine, such drawdowns are possible in Transcarpathia. Nearby Solotvyna groundwater constantly eroding the ground. The year before, there were formed 20 small sinkholes diameter of 6 meters.

10 years ago, the failures began to appear on the banks of the Dnieper. — Due to the reservoir up the groundwater. Over the past five years in the Cherkassy region appeared 40 funnels. They are small — 3 meters deep. Many karst lakes in northern Ukraine. The most famous — Shack. They are more than 30.

Source:  A secret around the world

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