Killer weapon border

Killer weapon border

Innovatorsky grenade «Otmich»
The technical level of armament border troops not meet modern complex situation, which appeared on the southern border of Russia. This problem is not just open a discussion on a variety of levels. In his time on the committee of the State Duma’s Defense was created by a working committee to study the future development of more effective weapons guards.

As a first tasks was proposed to develop a light 100mm gun «Tver» («IEE» № 38, 2012) and an additional border guards guns personal massive damaging acts. Considerable attention was also paid to the development of the combat vehicle dilemma border troops.

Small, low-powered gun leaves border guards shooting defenseless in battle with excellent group of armed attack. Need a dramatic increase in the firepower of a single soldier. Specificity battle requests personal direct shot guns with grenades flat trajectory and high depth of the lesion. 40-mm grenade launchers GP-25 «Bonfire» and SE-30 «Obuvka» does not meet these criteria. Designed in the Metropolitan Municipal Technical Institute Bauman (MSTU Bauman) shot with power axial action (Patent number 2,118,788 RF) increases efficiency, but generally not enough.

Change shaped charge fragmentation

Natural method to solve this difficulty is to equip border guards regular grenade launcher, first available in large quantities antitank grenade launchers RPG-7 anti-spoofing cumulative fragmentation grenades. Web is full reports of the massive use of militants in Afghanistan fragmentation grenades to RPG Egyptian and Chinese production. Unfortunately, how to find any reliable information on the structure of grenades failed. Not once was also reported improvised «finalization» regular cumulative grenades primatyvaniya method to the body with tape balls lopped rod, studs and other damaging parts.

In Russia, 40-mm mortar with OG-7V fragmentation grenade caliber OG-7 with impact fuze was designed FSUE «Basalt» (Designer Misha farrier, Pat. № 2410631 RF cipher grenades «Shard», the military has been called «Pencil») . With all this timely development grenade she had a number of shortcomings. She has a small firing range (from RPG-7V — 280 m), due to the absence of jet engine firing; meridional small angle of fragments and a significant mismatch dispersion ellipse and coordinate law defeat. Lack order to develop this nadkalibernoy fragmentation grenade was difficult to explain mistake Ministry of Defence.

Killer weapon border
Innovatorsky grenade «Otmich»
Equipment grenadier 1 — power supply; 2 — helmet-mounted sight with integrated laser rangefinder, outside air temperature gauge, ballistic computer; 3 — non-contact input device a temporary installation in the trajectory fuse.
Source: beyond military review
Sketch provided creators

As a personal weapon Border Guards RPG-7, of course, can not be considered because of its large mass (the mass of a grenade launcher with a telescopic sight — 6.3 kg, the mass of the shot — 2.6 kg). As a more promising technical solutions Commission study the future development of more effective weapons border was recognized lightweight disposable grenade launcher with frag grenade. Considered two main options warhead.

First (more common) option — warhead spherical shape with a radial field fragmentation and impact fuze.

2nd option — beam warhead, the explosion creates axial beam ready damaging parts (GGE). In essence, it is about the revival at the level of ideas fundamentally brand new canister projectile trajectory. The main feature of such a projectile is a large diameter beam nadkalibernoy warhead with its small height, which provides a greater level of energy transfer charge in the kinetic energy of the beam GGE. Beam warhead is more complex, and much more effective. She requested the presence of garnet trajectory fuse providing air explosion.

Detailed analysis performed for the All-Army criteria and specific criteria for border operations, revealed indisputable advantage beam warhead.

Beam warhead

Weight of a single grenade launcher equipped with beam grenade was aggressively limited. Taken into account that the new instrument should be equivalent to the mass of weapons to be tampering, in this case — under-barrel grenade launcher. Weight of gun with a grenade launcher is significant enough (weight GP-25 grenade launcher «Bonfire» — 5 kg, the total mass of ammunition 6 VOG-25 fragmentation grenade — 1.5 kg (weight of one grenade — 0.25 kg). This figure — 3 kg — in some degree and led to a lot of new grenade launcher. has been shown that one border guard carried ammunition from 2-single grenade ensures the successful implementation of the vast majority of tactical tasks. Hence the upper mass limit for a grenade launcher «Otmich» 1.5 kg.

Grenade consists of a jet engine and nadkalibernoy beam warhead. Complete combustion engine jet charge occurs before departure grenades from the barrel grenade launcher. Air gap warhead in front of goal ensured a temporary fuse. Thrower resettled electrical system trajectory undermining containing laser rangefinder, measuring outdoor temperature, ballistic computer and an input temporary installation in fuse. The main option involves placing a grenade launcher in the system is wearable equipment grenadier.

More than once expressed the idea that the use of electrical devices in a personal weapon is unacceptable because the border guard highest price first highest price of the basic components of the system — a laser rangefinder. Modern laser range finders prices hunting guns vary borders 7-12 thousand rubles. For example, Rangefinder Bushnell Sport 450 20-1916 worth 7765 rubles. This price is considered as applicable.

Killer weapon border
Nadkalibernye fragmentation (a) and beam (b) grenades for the grenade launcher «Otmich» 1 — feathers stabilizer (shown in the open state); 2 — nozzle; 3 — the case of jet engine; 4 — solid fuel charge; 5 — Frag shell with ready submunitions; 6 — explosive charge; 7 — percussion fuse (can be run with a pyrotechnic mechanism toss grenades before explosion); 8 — trajectory fuse; 9 — a set of GGE; 10 — head cap.
Source: beyond military review
Sketch provided creators

Another, more significant issue is linked to the lack of weapons in the Russian arsenal is quite clear temporary electrical fuse. The problem has been around for many years. In this case, the condition imposed more stringent restrictions on the mass of the fuse (less than 100 g). Limit on the total weight of the grenade launcher (1.5 kg) is very tough. Grenade such mass developed for the first time. Some of the members of the military commission to study the future development of more effective weapons guards saw that the weight has been reduced to a mass of grenade languid gun. Indeed, the 9-mm automatic pistol OTs-33 «Pernach» butt has a total weight of 1.6 kg (weight with empty magazine — 1.42 kg, weight 18 rounds — 0.18 kg, the mass of the 1st chuck 9×18 PM — 10 g). The easiest one-time Russian RPG-18 «Fly» has a mass of 2.6 kg.

Need a transition to a fundamentally new structural materials, first on Carbon. Barrel grenade launcher, jet engine casing and head cap will be made by winding carbon fiber tape. Need to develop new formulations of solid fuel with a specific impulse of not less than 3000 m / s.

As initial values ​​were approved following the masses.

Grenade «Otmich»
Mass equipped grenade — 1.5 kg
Empty Weight — 0.3 kg
Nadkalibernaya beam grenade
GVW grenades — 1.2 kg
Weight of the GGE — 0.3 kg
Weight of explosive charge — 0.3 kg
Weight trajectory fuse — 0.1 kg
Hull weight warhead — 0.1 kg
Jet engine weight — 0.4 kg
The weight ratio of the weight of the explosives unit is 1.0 GGE. Design reference speed GGE — 1600 m / s.

When the mass of 1 g GGE provides certainty defeat manpower in tissue vest (critical energy of 150 J), at a mass of 0.5 g GGE — sure defeat unprotected manpower.

A striking feature of the grenade launcher «Otmich» is its great modernization potential. View technical solutions to facilitate the carrying of grenade launchers, including snap lines nadkalibernoy warhead specifically to the grenade before firing, reducing the resistance of the grenades on the flight by turning the warhead. Separate direction is the development of the warhead with a variable depending on the configuration of multiple target angle scattering beam GGE, for example, due to a multipoint initiation. The sharp increase in the accuracy of fire can be achieved by using a digital trajectory detonation system GLONASS satellite system, wherein as at grazing and suspended at firing. In the latter case very promising is the use of beam-type grenades SADARM, engaged in the process of descent parashyutiruemogo search goals and defeat her beam GGE on.

A cart and now there

Distinct and very promising direction is the development of beam grenades flechettes (EIT «Fleshettami», «dart»). The common opinion about the Tipo existing ban on the use of EIT erroneously («IEE», № 18, 2011). The main problem is not solved to this day, is to preserve the form of explosive throwing EIT.

Commission as a promising research prospects for the development of more effective border weapons development was considered to garnet cluster warhead. For this scheme later Bauman Bauman received a patent number 2362962 «Tverityanka.» In this scheme, an elongated box defeat compensating error firing creates a fundamentally different method — through the implementation of the purpose of the chain breaks subsnaryadov usually spherical shape. Detailed calculations have shown that the scheme as a whole cassette as effective beam warhead.

Military-technical, organizational and economic issues associated with the adoption by the border troops of the new type guns, were studied in the Center-border operational research (Tsopi LRF) under Major General Valery Cheban. On the whole, proved the need for early development grenade «Otmich» — «Border Guard artillery.»

Commission and Tsopi viewed as a question about the prospects for the use of ultra-light grenade launcher with grenade in the other uniformed services of, first in the Interior Troops. Sheaf grenades significantly increment combat effectiveness in the conduct of operations in towns kontrseparatistskih Fri Lack of radial field fragments dramatically reduce the harm caused by a civilian population and facilities. On the other hand, shooting with beam suspension will allow grenades hit the enemy, placed behind the buildings, walls and roofs. Considered embodiments of non-lethal beam warheads garnet with decreasing mass of plastic GGE to 0.05 … 0.12. Significant prospects for the use of rocket-propelled grenades in the Navy.

With regret it must be emphasized that both the development committee (light gun «Tver» and grenade border guards) are not met prior support of the Ministry of Defence. At meetings of the committee of officers did not take the role of Grau. Despite all the samples failed to arrange a meeting with the head of Grau Colonel General Nikolai Svertilovym.

In conclusion, I would like to express the hope of returning to topical dilemma improvement tools frontier troops. It is impossible not to build, that this problem is part of a more general difficulty cardinal state level — for the creation of power structures of, first internal and border troops, new kinds of specialized tools, finely-specific implementation. The solution to this prepyadstviya dramatically increase the inviolability of borders of Russia and provide reliable protection integrity of the country.

Andrey Nikolaev — General of the Army, the first director of the Federal Border Service of Russia;

Vladimir Odintsov — Ph.D., Honored Inventor of Russia

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